Wyckoff: ‘Florida State is who I am’

Brooke Wyckoff said she never wavered. A Florida State player and longtime assistant, there was always a reason to stay in Tallahassee and not jump at another job. It was often her coach and mentor, Sue Semrau, as well as family.

With Semrau’s decision to step down as FSU women’s basketball coach, Wyckoff’s home will continue to be right where they are, where they have been. 

“I knew in my mind that I wanted to be here for coach Sue and be a part of what she was doing here as long as I possibly could,” Wyckoff said. “And because remaining on her staff as an assistant even with aspirations as a head coach meant so much more to me, that experience, those moments, learning and continuing to learn under her was a very important thing for me.

“Florida State is who I am. And this opportunity was worth waiting for. It really was. And I’m just so glad that I did. And I really never even wavered. But I’m just so thankful for the opportunity because this is home and I’m glad to be still here doing this.”

There may have been other colleges calling Wyckoff, pursuing Semrau’s top assistant in hopes that she would jump and become their head coach. But she always said no. Wyckoff was officially promoted to head coach on Tuesday and introduced in a ceremony at the Champions Club on Wednesday morning.

Her decision to stay proved to be the right one for her career path. Wyckoff helped the Seminoles navigate through a difficult COVID season in 2020-21 through schedule changes and Semrau’s sabbatical to help care for her mother. While Semrau was able to help from afar with recruiting, Wyckoff juggled the day-to-day responsibilities and learned on the fly.

“I’m so blessed to have had that year just to be able to stand up and coach as the head coach and be on the sidelines and understand what it feels like to be in that in-game experience,” Wyckoff said. “It was an amazing opportunity for me. It gave me a taste of what it really is to be a head coach, which is not just being out there on the sidelines and calling plays. It’s so much more than that. Managing staff, dealing with whatever’s going on with the team and all the things externally with administration and all the things that come up in managing a program. It gave me the opportunity to experience those things.”