What will ACC Network mean for FSU coaches? In their own words

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Launch day is here: The ACC Network is just hours from lift off.

The long-awaited channel will make its debut on Thursday night at 7 p.m. with a two-hour “All ACC” studio show. A documentary on Duke men’s basketball airs at 9 p.m., and a football studio show, “The Huddle,” will air at 11 p.m.

Florida State-centric programming will quickly be evident. The first live game to air on the ACC Network will be the FSU soccer team’s match on Sunday against Wisconsin at 5 p.m. EJ Manuel and Mark Richt are part of the in-studio college football analyst teams. And the Bowden Dynasty documentary will air in mid-September.

Mark Richt and EJ Manuel are among the college football analysts on the ACC Network.

So what will the ACC Network mean to FSU athletics? (Besides more money for the athletics department budget?) The Osceola asked FSU coaches what they thought about the channel’s launch. And we’ve also added in some comments from ESPN executives as well as ACC commissioner John Swofford.

Mark Krikorian, FSU soccer coach

“I think that we’ve seen across the country, in a lot of sports, the impact television can have. As more and more games get broadcast live, I think it will continue to grow the sport. We all see in the Women’s World Cup what a great affect it had and will continue to have on the growth and development of women’s soccer here in the U.S.”

Lonni Alameda, FSU softball coach

“We have always appreciated the platforms that allow FSU softball to be viewed by those that can’t be at the fields. The ability for younger players to see what they can achieve through TV networks are a blessing for the growth of future strong women. The ACC Network will allow our conference and of course FSU softball to be an option for viewers to journey with players and teams for an entire season. The ability to share in the adventure is something special for fans, families, friends and, most importantly, young student-athletes with a dream. We are grateful, excited and ready to jump into a new era for the ACC.”

Sue Semrau, FSU women’s basketball coach

“We’ve embraced the extra exposure from our ACC Network Xtra broadcasts over the last few years, so having an entire network as our platform is even greater. It just means greater exposure for our product and for our league, and you’ve seen the way other conferences have benefited from their own networks. Also, many of our fans still prefer having games on a linear network, and this will be another outlet for them. Aside from games, we think there can be some other avenues for exposure on the network that can promote FSU Women’s Hoops.”

Chris Poole, FSU volleyball coach

“We have been very fortunate the last 10 years to get picked up a lot both at home and on the road with streaming our matches. However, there are still a lot of fans that did not realize they could see our matches online. The ACC Network will give our program an opportunity to be viewed by many more fans and recruits. I believe that volleyball is one of the most fast-paced dynamic sports that exist. The speed and athleticism of the players is getting greater every year. There are still many fans that have not paid much attention to volleyball and having more matches on TV will definitely help raise the awareness.”

Mike Martin Jr., FSU baseball coach

“Everything one way or another goes through recruiting. Any time recruits can see the garnet and gold colors, it’s a good thing. The more sets of eyes the better it is for everybody in our league. You go back to Mickey Lopez and Doug Mientkiewicz and David Yocum, that’s what they grew up on (watching FSU baseball on Sunshine Network). They saw it all the time, the tradition and the excitement that was around baseball at Florida State. That’s how you’re able to pull guys from a rival territory. They were all from Miami.”

Amy Rosenfeld, ESPN senior coordinating producer and production lead for ACCN

“We have the great benefit that this conference, they’re really good at a lot of sports. They happen to be really good at a bunch of sports that happen to be played by women. So our job here is to super serve two audiences. We’ve got to super serve the fans of the ACC, but we also have to super serve fans of different sports.”

Rosalyn Durant, ESPN senior vice president, college networks

“Fans love great content, love competitive play and love winners, and we know it’s a great time to be a fan of the ACC and we’re going to highlight those stories and programs. ACC Network will be focused on serving ACC fans. That is where we are. Our content offline will be made for that fan base, catering to the sports and stories that are most important to them, offering them unprecedented access to the programs that the people that they cheer for.”

John Swofford, ACC commissioner

“The ACC Network will give our schools a national platform to showcase our campuses, our coaches, our student-athletes. This will result in 24/7 ACC programming, increased exposure for our athletic programs, our student-athletes, our entire universities, and their communities. It will bring unprecedented exposure for our women athletes and programs, enhanced infrastructure through school broadcast studios and staffing. Our schools have done a magnificent job of stepping up to the plate in developing that infrastructure and broadcast studios on their individual campuses.”

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  1. Jack Taylor Reply

    We live in NW Florida (Niceville) and will not have access to the ACC Network. We have Cox cable and they will not carry the ACC Network. They do support the SEC network. I complained to no avail.

    • Bob Ferrante Reply

      I hate to hear that about Cox but think it’s good that fans are speaking up. You are a fan and a customer. There are options, such as cutting the cord and going with a streaming service if you want to watch FSU athletics and the ACC studio shows/games.

    • Jerry Kutz Reply

      Comcast is holding out but for how long?
      There are some independent cable companies who have access to the ACC Network as well if they choose to sign on. I have Direct TV so I can get it here in Tallahasseee. Bob Ferrante cut the cord and has naviagated that process without regret. He did a piece on how he did it which is posted on this board. Use search function “cut the cord” and it will bring you to the story at https://theosceola.com/?s=cut+the+cord
      My wife is our IT person and she says its cake.
      I’ll talk with Bob about updating his story if you like or put you in touch with someone who can walk you through it.

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