What they said: ‘Noles, Cards on FSU’s win

Florida State enjoyed just its fourth ACC win in Tallahassee over the last three seasons on Saturday night. Here are some highlights of what the Seminoles had to say about the game:


On fighting through adversity: “We just have to keep believing in our teammates and stay positive. We’re around each other every day. Just block out the negativity and stay off social media.”

On the mood of the 4th quarter: “We just kept telling each other to finish. The last few weeks, it’s been a terrible feeling being so close, we’re right there you know, but not playing all four quarters.”


On Alex Hornibrook: “He prepares every single day like he’s going to take every rep in the game. He’s one of the hardest working players I’ve ever seen. Ever. I’m so happy for him to have come out and performed the way he did.”


On if FSU needed a win like this: “I think this win got the monkey off our back. We need to just go out there and have fun. We were having fun today and I think it led us to a great win.”


On what the players were telling each other after Louisville took the lead: “Just respond, stay in your cocoon and fight back. We’ve been in adverse situations many times before so the vibe was just to respond.”

On seeing James Blackman go down with an injury: “It was tough on me especially, I shed a few tears. But he’s alright, we just wanted to go out and win it for him.”


On the victory over Louisville: “We needed a win like this to create some momentum. What a way to get that win too for offense, defense and special teams to come up big in the end. This should help our confidence and create a win streak.” 

On stopping Louisville’s vaunted rushing attack: “That’s the biggest thing we’ve been emphasizing, is stop the run. Whatever team rushes for the most yards usually wins the game. At every level from Pee-Wee to the NFL.”


On his thought process as quarterback James Blackman got hurt: “The first thought I had was just making sure that he was going to be alright. It was tough to see him go down. He is obviously a captain and means a lot to the team. All week, I prepare like I am going to play so today I felt ready going into the game. I don’t know if you guys saw it, but during the game James (Blackman) could barely walk and he was still helping out the team on the sideline. He helped us win the game today.”

On the emotions in the locker room after the game: “It was fun. I don’t know if anybody said anything, but we had some music on, coaches were dancing, and we had some people dancing that shouldn’t have been dancing. It was awesome. Moments like the locker room tonight is why you play football.”


On the win: “Big win for our football team. Proud of this football team. Each week we keep improving. For our guys to come here and play the way they did and play the fourth quarter and find a way to win the ballgame was big for our football team; a much-needed win for our football team. Great win for the ‘Noles.”

On the offense and defense feeding off each other late in the game to come away with the victory: “It was just big that our guys overcame some of our demons from earlier in the year. Every game we started and we went in halftime up and then we start the second half and don’t do much. Each game we did something a little better. Last week we played hard for three quarters but didn’t play smart for four. This game we put it all together. Again, just a sign of progress with our team and understanding our mistakes and not giving up. I think you see a team starting to believe in each other a lot more. What I’m seeing and saw the last two weeks is our guys are starting to play for each other. That was something that was missing. When they play for one another, great things happen for them.” 

On Alex Hornibrook’s performance: “Alex came in and did a good job for us. Came in the third series of the game and led our team down and scored a touchdown. When James got hurt, for him to come in and lead our team was big for us. I think it showed his experience and how mature he is. Game wasn’t too big for him; the moment wasn’t too big for him. He was ready for it. Another example of our football team, a guy stepping up when that opportunity came. It’s so important. We always tell our guys that. You never know. You’re got to be ready. Proud the young man was ready for his opportunity.”


On Florida State’s Go-Ahead Touchdown: “The play before, we called the same blitz. We blitzed, and the guy that was supposed to blitz – we called the same play and another guy blitzed. He wasn’t supposed to blitz and that’s why he’s wide open down the sideline. It’s just a major bust; you are not even making them work for it. You are giving them an east touchdown. That’s unacceptable and we’re certainly going to have to look at that and see what communication went wrong there.”

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