Watch: Alford, Norvell share vision for future with football-only facility

Florida State athletics director Michael Alford shares his vision for the present and future of the football program in episode 7 of “The Climb.” The show begins by taking a look inside the Seminoles’ new locker room and also includes an early look at the plans for a football only building, which Alford said could break ground in December. Assistant coaches Tony Tokarz and Randy Shannon are also mic’d up as the Seminoles take part in spring practices.

Watch episode 1 here. Watch episode 2 here. Watch episode 3 here. Watch episode 4 here. Watch episode 5 here. Watch episode 6 here. Next week’s episode will take a look at Noles in the NFL Draft.

New episodes of “The Climb” will be released to Seminole Booster members each Wednesday this spring and released to the public on Thursday for the next eight weeks.