Watch: ACC’s Phillips discusses scheduling models, NIL, future of NCAA

ACC commissioner Jim Phillips sat down with the Osceola and various outlets that cover the league and its schools on Wednesday. Below is a 35-minute video of the conversation and we have time stamps if you want to skip ahead to certain topics:

4:50 – Football scheduling model, why not a decision at Amelia

7:15 – What feedback from ESPN on models

8:05 – Consensus on scheduling model, Phillips mentions 3-5-5

9:00 – NIL and tampering

12:30 – Embracing NIL

15:35 – How to define ‘egregious’ with NIL

16:00 – Opposition to unionization

18:35 – Football scheduling

19:20 – ACC’s revenue gap

22:15 – ACC headquarters moving from Greensboro

22:45 – Phillips’ thoughts on NCAA transformation committee

26:40 – CFP taking over governance of FBS football

28:10 – Tangible evidence to ACC schools’ commitment to football

29:10 – Future ACC Tournament basketball sites

30:15 – Expanding from a four-team college football playoff

31:45 – What’s the deciding factor when it comes to ACC headquarters