Vera’s voice adds another dimension to Osceola

“Sometimes you just have to throw some paint on the canvas,” was what my favorite art professor used to say. Staring at a blank canvas (or in this case, a blank page) can be quite paralyzing. So bear with me while I throw some paint on the proverbial canvas and introduce myself.

I graduated from FSU in the fall of 1995 with a degree in Communications (Media Performance) and a minor in Studio Art. I chose to attend Florida State because of the warm weather (as compared to Brooklyn, where I came from), the beautiful campus and friendly people. I would love to say it was because of the football (remember this was the early 90’s. Hello, dynasty!), but that was more just the icing on the cake. I barely knew a thing about it, my Brooklyn HS was not a big football school … but we were City Champs in lacrosse!

Jerry Kutz and I have been married for nine years. When we were dating and going to football games together, he was patient enough to answer all of my questions (no matter how simple) about the game as well as the players. I had the privilege of meeting many of those players and coaches (both current and former), which was very exciting. However, the most exciting introduction (and how Jerry scored some major points) was when I got to sit behind Gene Deckerhoff as he called a game. You have to understand, I have been working in broadcasting my entire adult life. Jerry got me in to actually watch THE GENE DECKERHOFF call a football game? I was beside myself.

Not too long ago I had the opportunity to tell Gene that story. He looked at me with this conspiratorial look and quietly said ‘You know … you weren’t the only one…’ Ha! I love Gene.

Jerry, along with so many others, really made me feel like I’d been accepted into the fold. Which brings me to why I’m here. I will be working with Jerry on the upcoming Osceola podcasts as well as contributing a column with stories and information on fun things to do while you’re enjoying your favorite team play.

Jerry and I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of Seminole fans over the years and been introduced to many Seminole traditions. We’d like to share our favorites with you throughout the year, some of which you may be familiar with, and others you may be surprised you’d never heard of. All in hopes it will help you and your fellow Seminole friends and family create new and memorable moments. We call it the Osceola Experience. We hope you will share your favorite traditions and memories with us too, along with some pics.

I love our Seminoles. And while I can’t claim to be an expert on what happens on the field – I’ll leave that to Bob and Pat and Jerry – I do hope to contribute to helping you enjoy your, and our, Seminole experiences (even more).

Look for podcasts from the Osceola beginning in July

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