Upon shorter review: NCAA encouraging 2-minute window for football replay

One of the biggest complains about instant replay is how it slows down the flow of the game. That could be a thing of the past.

While it’s not a rule, the NCAA has encouraged a guideline for instant replay officials to complete the review in under two minutes.

“This will be an overall expectation for replay officials and reviews that are exceptionally complicated or involve end-of game issues should be competed as efficiently as possible without a stated limit,” the NCAA announced on Tuesday.

This should help increase the pace of play and a clock will be kept on time taken to review a play.

Other NCAA rules changes:

Players flagged for targeting can now remain on the sideline instead of being sent to the locker room. All other elements of the targeting rule as well as the review for targeting remain in effect.

The panel approved a rule that restricts the number of teammates wearing the same jersey number to two. The rules regarding players using duplicate numbers continue to require that they play different positions and aren’t on the field at the same time. The Football Rules Committee recommended this adjustment to reduce the confusion caused by multiple players wearing the same number.

Concerned about negative interactions between teams before officials are required to be on the field, the panel approved a rule that game officials’ jurisdiction of the contest begins 90 minutes before kickoff, instead of the current 60 minutes. Another part of the proposal calls for a coach to be on the field during pregame warmups when players are present, and all players are to be identified by number.


  1. Jerry Gray

    A good start, still don’t like the targeting rule. Players should not be thrown out of the game unless it is with the crown of the helmet. Going in with the face mask should be okay . When I played we called it spearing and it was a penalty. We did not have to leave the game

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