Track & field sees 35 qualify for NCAA East prelims

Florida State will learn Thursday who will qualify for the NCAA East Preliminaries in Bloomington, Ind., where the top 48 times in each event are invited.

The track and field team will send 35 total athletes (19 men; 16 women) to the NCAA East Preliminaries in Bloomington, Ind., on May 25-28. The Noles will also send the men’s 4x100m and 4x400m relay teams along with the women’s 4x100m relay team.

“We have all our top dawgs qualified with the men and women,” Braman said before Thursday’s selections were announced. He believes the men have “a better national team,” more weapons capable of scoring at the national level than the women’s team. 

“The men are thinking we could be top 5, but we’ll see. You never ever know in track,” he said. 

NCAA track qualifiers for FSU men, women

Men’s qualifiers

Jo’Vaughn Martin (100m Dash, 4x100m Relay)

Don’dre Swint (100m Dash, 4x100m Relay)

Taylor Banks (100m Dash, 4x100m Relay)

Amir Willis (200m, Dash, 4x100m Relay)

DaeQwan Butler (400m Dash, 4x400m Relay)

Sean Watkins Jr. (400m Dash, 4x400m Relay)

Alex Collier (400m Dash, 4x100m Relay, 4x400m Relay)

Samuel Field (1500m Run)

Ahmed Muhumed (5000m Run)

Adriaan Wildschutt (5000m Run, 10,000m Run)

Caleb Pottorff (10,000m Run)

Silas Griffith (10,000m Run)

Trey Cunningham (110m Hurdles)

James Rivera (400m Hurdles)

Matthew Owens (3000m Steeplechase)

Isaac Grimes (Long Jump)

Jeremiah Davis (Long Jump, Triple Jump)

Jacore Irving (Long Jump, Triple Jump)

Milton Ingraham (Discus)

Women’s qualifiers

Edidiong Odiong (100m Dash, 200m Dash, 4x100m Relay)

Ka’Tia Seymour (100m Dash, 200m Dash, 4x100m Relay)

Ashley Seymour (100m Dash, 4x100m Relay)

Ruby Stauber (800m Run)

Maudie Skyring (1500m Run)

Jen Lima (1500m Run)

Lauren Ryan (5000m Run, 10,000m Run)

Alyson Churchill (5000m Run)

Amanda Beach (5000m Run, 10,000m Run)

Rebecca Clark (10,000m Run)

Erin Phelps (10,000m Run)

Ava Klein (400m Hurdles)

Amani Heaven (Shot Put, Discus)

Megan Cook (Hammer)

Sara Zabarino (Javelin)

Kelechi Nwanaga (Javelin)

Who to watch nationally at prelims, nationals

Texas is the team to beat. Oregon is a perennial power. And the SEC usually fields seven of the top 10 teams in the sport.

“Texas dominated indoors,” Braman said. “They may have a leg up on the rest of us but you never know. Texas could have an athlete miss in the Regional. They could drop a baton in a relay. You never know. We thought Trey Cunningham was a favorite last year but he lost his hamstring in the warmups. You just never know.”

Braman said the NCAA has altered the format of the NCAA Regionals and Nationals for television in an effort to attract and retain fans. Unlike the ACC Championship, which spans three days and requires an enormous investment of time for fans to follow, the NCAA Regionals and Nationals will be condensed into a 90-minute window for the men and 90-minute window for the women.

“The first day of competition for the men will be on Wednesday with the championship on Friday. The women will compete on Thursday and Saturday,” Braman said. “This format doesn’t take a big investment of time for fans to follow. While it isn’t good for the athletes, who have to recover between events, it’s good for fans. It’s 90 minutes, which is a pretty-tight window, packaged for television.” 

Seminole fans not able to attend the NCAA East can watch the meet on a live stream provided by the University of Indiana (view here when the event starts).

For more on the week of success for FSU golf, soccer, softball, baseball and track and field, which won an ACC outdoor title last weekend, see our story here.