Takeaway Tuesday: Multiple personalties, mad Mike drop, strange days, Orange crush

Week No. 4 of the college football season left us all with a lot to think about. It was a tale of two halves in Tallahassee on Saturday. The season hasn’t started as expected for most of the ACC compared to what was expected from its teams in the preseason. The same can be said in some respect for the SEC West, Big 12 and Big Ten East. Media Monday brought out Mad Mike. And this week’s ACC prediction features a lot of Orange Crush. Here a 10 things I think, I think about FSU and college football that I might not necessarily think or be right about next week.

1. After a game last weekend where FSU showed multiple personalities we will find out against Syracuse whether this football team is the version we saw in the first half, floundering and unfocused, of the Louisville game or the second half, extremely competitive and determined. I think it is probably somewhere in between.

2. Mike Norvell should be pissed off that his FSU team is 0-4. It absolutely should not be. And absolutely no one is free of being a part of the reasons why.

3. That being said, I loved the honesty of his tirade at his presser on Monday. A refreshing break from the coachspeak and the staying on message we usually get from coaches on Mondays and Tuesdays across the landscape of college football.

4. It is pretty weird (and hard) to try and wrap my ahead around FSU being winless. That being said at least through four weeks the 2021 college football season has been a bit strange. Arkansas has been crowned champions of the Lone Star State, having beaten the state two super powers, Texas and Texas A&M. Ohio State had a player quit mid-game this past weekend. Right now the ACC is headed for a championship game matchup of Wake Forest vs. Virginia Tech. Baylor is currently leading the Big 12, and Ohio State is not the clear-cut favorite we thought it would be heading into the season. I can’t wait to see what the next eight weeks have in store for us in Tallahassee and with the rest of college football.

5. It goes without saying that FSU needs to win against Syracuse. First, it needs its first victory of the season. Second, some of the teams left on FSU’s schedule don’t look quite as unbeatable as they were thought to be in the preseason. A win would give this team some confidence as they get ready for UNC and Clemson on the road (two teams that don’t look to be anywhere near as good as they were last year). And as we know just about anything can happen on a college football Saturday. I am not saying FSU will win or lose in either game just yet but those two matchups in particular aren’t as daunting as they were five weeks ago. 

6. FSU will gets its first win on Saturday against the Orange.

7. Florida and Boston College look to be the two best teams left on the Seminoles’ schedule. BC takes on Clemson on Saturday night so this opinion will be put to the test and may or may not have much of a shelf life.

8. Not crazy about heaping praise or criticism on anything any player has to say to the media but I am still baffled that an FSU player said after the game that the Seminoles played with a lackadaisical attitude in the first half against Louisville. With an 0-3 record, I am not sure how that was even possible and there are some things you just don’t say out loud.

9. Speaking of praise, hats off to a couple of FSU linemen. It was clear that Robert Scott and Devontay Love-Taylor were not totally healthy entering the game but both players pushed themselves through those injuries, which were visibly aggravated during the game. I am sure there were other players who pushed themselves through the the game but was very impressed by the physical and mental toughness displayed by both big men.

10. This week In the ACC and college football I think I like: FSU over Syracuse, UVA over Miami, BC over Clemson, Pitt over GT, UNC over Duke, Wake over Louisville, La. Tech over NC State, Ole Miss over Bama and Georgia over Arkansas. Note to readers I was right last week about Arkansas (over Texas A&M) and NC State (over Clemson) last week. Thinking I may have to start placing a few calls to Vegas if the trend of picking these upsets continues this week.