Semrau sees need to lead conversation, action

Florida State women’s basketball coach Sue Semrau joined the Osceola for a one-on-one conversation to discuss the players, what they are saying about recent current events such as the fight for equality and how they are adapting to life with social distancing.

“They’ve done an amazing job of being vulnerable,” Semrau said. “It’s important as a team so that their teammates can hear. … There’s a lot of education that needs to happen. I want to be a leader in that. I don’t feel much like a basketball coach right now. But I do feel like a leader and someone that needs to lead conversation and needs to lead action for what’s going to be coming.”

There is no timeline for FSU to return to the court for offseason conditioning. But Semrau said she is intrigued by the options on the roster despite the loss of three productive seniors in Kiah Gillespie, Nicki Ekhomu and Nausia Woolfolk.

“I’ve been here before where we lost five seniors,” Semrau said. “And I know what that feels like. It’s exciting in a way. It was three seniors this time. But three significant, three leading scorers.”

The Seminoles still return a roster that is quite deep, including South Carolina transfer Bianca Jackson (who sat out 2019-20 due to NCAA rule) as well as Morgan Jones, Kourtney Weber, River Baldwin and Sammie Puisis. Savannah Wilkinson and Amaya Brown are also coming off injuries that limited them last season (Brown was a reserve in 13 games while Wilkinson played just two games).

FSU also signed graduate transfer Tiana England (from St. John’s) as well as transfers Erin Howard and Sara Bejedi. Semrau said FSU will pursue an appeal for Howard but that Bejedi is going to redshirt next season.

Please click on the video below for the full interview with Semrau.

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