Seminole Sidelines Podcast: Early camp standouts, Meet the Press, the State of CFB & more

In episode two of our Seminole Sidelines podcast, Osceola Publisher Jerry Kutz, Managing Editor Bob Ferrante and former FSU offensive lineman Mark Salva and I tackle the latest topics surrounding Florida State’s 2020 season and college football at-large.

The list of talking points includes the news coming out of Florida State’s Board of Trustees meeting on Thursday, where President John Thrasher indicated he thought it was likely that the presidents of the ACC would vote in favor of moving forward with a fall season. We also discuss FSU’s version of Meet The Press from Tuesday when Thrasher and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis held a press conference with athletics director David Coburn and football coach Mike Norvell to discuss their desire to move forward with the season and about the medical protocols the university and athletics department has in place to ensure the safety of its students and athletes.

Additionally, we delve into what is quickly becoming the most historic week in college football history with a discussion of the Big Ten and PAC-12 opting out of the 2020 fall season and the ACC, SEC, Big-12 and AAC continuing to move forward. We also talk about what unfolded with wide receiver Warren Thompson and Norvell being at odds over the transparency of the athletics department’s testing procedures, protocols and communication internally as it pertains to Covid-19 and the ripple effects from this disagreement on college football.

And last we discuss what has been transpiring on the FSU’s practice fields as they complete the team’s first seven days of practice as well as who Norvell, offensive line coach Alex Atkins and linebackers coach Chris Marve have been impressed with in the early portion of preseason camp.


  1. Chris

    So was that Jerry Kutz who threw Norvell under the bus again, for the same thing with respect to Wilson? There are some people who think MN should have thrown Marvin Wilson off the team back then to send a message. If he did, maybe WT and the rest of the prima donnas wouldn’t have tweeted this S$%T. Kutz talks so matter of factly, too. Must be a liberal.

  2. Robert Walters

    This is not a coach issue, though no coach can be perfect. It is a sew my oats issue and suddenly feeling emboldened and taking advantage of others to do it! The right civil and respectful thing was and is and always should be to respect who is in charge, whether a parent, teacher or coach and go to them first for addressing for addressing concerns , real or not! Not social media first like a spoiled baby!

  3. Bill Taggart

    Dumpster fire program

  4. Bob Duggan

    I agree with Robert Walters in that this is just a change from previous program rules
    and not a result of inappropriate coaching practices. Time will heal most of this as
    some of the older players move on and Coach Norvell’s recruits take their positions.
    (I am speaking of the most recent posts and not Marvin Wilson’s statement. His was
    more acceptable under the circumstances.)

    In reviewing the recent recruiting efforts and results, I would like to say that the staff
    is doing a great job under our present circumstances. Also, If this is a “ dumpster fire
    program” then someone should have thrown the match in about five years ago.

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