Seminole Sidelines: FSU runs into perfect storm in Miami

Osceola Football writer Patrick Burnham is joined by publisher Jerry Kutz, editor Bob Ferrante, football analyst Mark Salva and former FSU linebackers coach and 50-year college coaching veteran Wally Burnham to discuss Florida State’s 52-10 loss to in-state rival Miami and how head coach Mike Norvell and his staff will move forward heading into Saturday’s game against Jacksonville State.


  1. Dan Densmore

    You really have to be careful with the portal. There is a reason these guys are leaving other programs. Need to make the change at quarterback. It doesn’t work. The sample size is more than needed. It is obvious that the locker room has a losing mentality. Go with the young players that are going to bust ass. You have to realize that you will splinter the locker room if they continue that path they are on.

  2. Dan Densmore

    It’s probably already splintered….been the same song since 2017

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