Review: The Climb, Episode 1

The first episode of “The Climb: Inside FSU Football,” aired on Wednesday night. It is the first in a seven-part series produced by Seminole Boosters, Inc., to provide Seminole Booster members with an exclusive and intimate look into Mike Norvell’s aspiring football program.

The first 12.5-minute episode, focuses on creating the right mindset.

“Everybody can have the right mindset when times are good and there’s no adversity but when adversity shows up, where do you go to?” Norvell asks in the opening scene. “On the practice field I’m going to coach. I’m going to push. I’m going to try to make sure we are giving everything we have because when (adversity) shows up in the game, we’re going to have true confidence that we can overcome anything that comes our way because we’ve already put in the work … We’re here to build them in all aspects.”

The videographers focus on the receiver position to illustrate the “mindset” theme, with engaging action clips and sound bites from Norvell, receivers coach Ron Dugans, and true freshmen Malik McClain and Josh Burrell.

“We try to create some adversity offensively, put them in some difficult situations, third-and-long,” Norvell said. “We try to create as many distractions as we could as a coaching staff for them to make sure we are relying on the fundamentals, relying on the technique, to keep these guys growing in all aspects … I am really pleased, the mentality of what guys are bringing when things are going well and when things are not going well.”

“He makes us focus on the little things,” McClain said. “In his mind he has a bigger perspective of where a player wants to be and where he wants a player to be down the road.”

“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t like his coaching style,” said Burrell, who like McClain enrolled at FSU in January. “I like how fired up he is, how much intensity he brings out to every practice. He’s very intense. He wants us to be a physical football team so he’s got to bring it out of us. He’s got to bring the tempo himself to bring it out of us.”

Norvell gives the cameramen exclusive access to all aspects of the program in order to bring Seminole Booster members look inside his program. You’ll hear the coaches teaching, encouraging, correcting throughout the drills and having fun on a team outing.

The episode also looks into the culture Norvell is recruiting through the eyes of the two receiver recruits.

“He (Dugans) is a real genuine dude,” Burrell said. “The way he treated me throughout the recruiting process was like a father figure. It hasn’t changed. He’s a great guy off the field. I’m glad to have him as coach.”

“I would tell guys if they want to come to a truly authentic family atmosphere, within the coaching staff, within this football team, then a place like Florida State is the place you want to be,” Dugans says. “The football players care for each other. This is a place like no other where you can be successful on and off the football field.”

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