Quotebook: Norvell, Noles discuss Notre Dame game

Florida State coach Mike Norvell and players spoke to the media after the loss to Notre Dame. Below are some highlights:

Mike Norvell

(Opening statement) “Our football team, they’re going to grow from this. I hate coming up short, but I think they showed their heart and the identity that they have, and how much they care about each other and how much they care about this university, and how they want it represented. We are going to have to continue to get better.”

(On team’s response after loss) “It’s disappointing to come up short. We had a hard and grueling fall camp. … They’re in the locker room, our guys, they’re disappointed. But I told them I was proud, I was proud of the heart that they showed, the identity that they put on display. We all know. We know the mistakes that were made. There was not any one play or one moment tonight, you can pick 15 of them. …But our guys, they know what’s coming. They know the response that’s necessary.”

Jordan Travis

(Pride of response despite result) “I’m so proud of the boys. Last year, if we were in that situation, I can’t say the result would have been the same. We came back. We had a lot of grit, that’s all it was. Guys were going full speed the whole game. O-Line did a good job, receivers did a good job, McKenzie came in and did a fabulous job. He’s a gamer. I feel like we fought back, we’ve just got to get better.”

Kalen DeLoach

(Is the defense better in 2021 and why?) “The defense is way better. We’re flying to the ball. One person, the next person has to be there. As a defense, we work on pursuit every day. Pursuit is our main emphasis every day. We got to get to the ball.”

Jermaine Johnson

(What does he discuss with teammates about the result?) “It’s not a loss, it’s a lesson. Find the lessons in it and attack this next week. We did a lot of great things out there tonight. I feel like we definitely surprised a lot of people. We had some mistakes. Like they say, the team that wins the football game is the team that makes the least mistakes. We’ve got to watch film, go back to the drawing board, see what needs to be fixed and attack it.”

Jashaun Corbin

(On FSU’s run game in the opener) “We have a lot of talented guys in our running back room. It’s all a credit really to our offensive line and receivers and the quarterback that are putting us in the right position to be successful. That’s really what it comes down to.”