Quotebook: Noles on making progress, celebration

Below is a collection of quotes from Florida State coach and players following Saturday’s win over No. 5 North Carolina.

Mike Norvell (on buying in to his vision)

“The best way you can see buy in is by response. We push our guys in practice, we push them in meetings, in everything we do to be the best version of themselves. We’re still growing, we’re still learning. We’re still adapting the expectations and the standard of what we’re going to require in all aspects. I know they’re buying in because I see their response. Obviously, we’re not perfect. We still make mistakes, we’re a work in progress. When you get a chance to see growth, when you see investment, this isn’t for everybody. The guys who are here are continuing to work and continuing to try to be the best version of themselves in all aspects of their lives. That’s what tonight’s about. That’s truly what you do it for. To see the joy that was on their face, knowing how hard they’ve been pushing to be able to get that that opportunity, it’s pretty special.”

Norvell (on QB Jordan Travis)

“Jordan is an incredible competitor. He made some unbelievable plays tonight. He got limited a little bit later in the game; we tried to be smart with what all we were asking him to do. He led this offense. I think there is a great deal of confidence in the job that he does and honestly, how he was able to extend some plays tonight and what he did as a runner, and decisions (he made). He’s a great leader for this team.”

DE Joshua Kaindoh (on FSU’s progress, turnaround)

“It started in practice. We came back after Norte Dame and we just made up in our minds that we were going to practice harder. And I feel like it carried over to the game. … I feel like we showed our potential (in loss at Notre Dame). When we went back to practice after that, it was, ‘Ok, we need to clean up on some things.’ Nobody believed in us, that we could go out and beat North Carolina. We just knew after that Notre Dame game, ‘Ok, we’re kind of scratching the surface. Just a little bit. Let’s just go harder.’ ”

Kaindoh (on the return of Dennis Briggs)

“We had some guys go down. He really came out of nowhere. We’ve been talking to him. He’s still been in the group chats. We were getting the COVID tests the other day. And I saw him getting the tests but I didn’t put it together, ‘Why is he getting a test?’ He just had a baby. He came back and he locked in. He learned his stuff. It was like some free agency-type stuff. It was crazy. But that’s my boy.”

Jordan Travis (on watching defense’s last drive, celebration)

“We were all watching. We were all locked in, trying to cheer our boys on to make a play. And they did. It was the greatest feeling I’ve ever felt in my life, seeing the defense come up big like that. The celebration was amazing. Winning is the best feeling. That’s our goal – to win.”

Devontay Love-Taylor (on celebrating the win)

“It feels amazing, especially after what we’ve been through this season. The tough loss at Miami, the tough loss here vs. Georgia Tech. All the work we’ve put in, we felt like it paid off tonight. But we have to keep putting in the work so it can keep continuing to pay off.”