Quote book: ‘We’ve got to fix and get rid of the first-half team’

FSU coach Mike Norvell as well as players and Louisville coach Scott Satterfield spoke to the media on Saturday after the game. Below are some highlights:

FSU coach Mike Norvell

“The things we control is how we show up every day and the work we’re willing to invest. This team is working for our identity in what we’re trying to do, and what we’re trying to accomplish. Team came to work last week. Thought they practiced hard. Things that are still showing up, in the first half especially, are just in the moment. Lack of translation to the field. Then in the second half, for whatever reason, we did. Still missed opportunities. Had a couple dropped passes, a couple reads we’ve got to be better on…but at the end of the day, this team, they want to improve. That’s our objective. To get better. To improve every single day in what we’re doing, to continue to set the foundation of what this team, this program is all about. And that’s work. That’s going out there and playing to the level we’re capable of. You’ve seen flashes of it. I’ve seen a lot of great flashes for what this team can do, just haven’t put it together for 60 minutes. And that’s our job, that’s what we’ve got to do as coaches.”

Jermaine Johnson

(Did the second half help defense’s confidence?) “100 percent. What we put on film in the first half, we are that team. What we put on film in the second half, we are that team. We’ve got to fix and get rid of the first-half team. I think our potential was shown in the second half, but me and McKenzie as well as other guys in the locker room, we’re sick of hearing we’ve got the potential to do this, potential to do that. We’ve got to actually go out there and do it. It’s a team choice and an individual choice. Guys can decide to give a little extra every day at practice, a little extra in the film room. a little extra in the treatment room. Just sacrifice more. It’ll help you take more pride in this. It’ll help you come out to the game and say we’re not gonna lose. We know what we have to fix. Just got to go out there and fix it.”

McKenzie Milton

(Sluggish starts) “It comes down to third downs. In those situations, we’ve got to convert. Simple as that. That was the biggest thing for us in the first half.”

(Keeping things in perspective) “At the end of the day, we play to win the game. We don’t go through practicing Sunday through Friday to come up short. We feel that pain the past four games. There are no moral victories here. We play to win the game. We’re going to keep practicing to win the game and we’ll keep coming out to play to win the game. Like I said, we can’t take anything for granted. We can’t take these precious Saturdays for granted. I’m not saying that we do, but there’s just got to be more of a sense of urgency from myself and the rest of the guys.”

Jarvis Brownlee

“I honestly feel like we should be consistent throughout the 60 minutes. The first half was not our best football, I feel like it was our worst football both offensively and defensively. We need to get back in the lab as soon as possible. That’s how it’s been lately, starting off lackadaisical, starting off bad and starting off relaxed and we can’t do that – and you’ve seen it come and bite us. That’s not what we want. We are going to come in tomorrow and bust our ass like we always do. It always comes down to the main things which are the fundamentals. Dropping two steps to the man, things like that. That little things we are not doing.”

Andrew Parchment

“We come to work every single day. The competition on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best I’ve ever been around. It ain’t no question about who is bought in. Everybody is here. We are 0-4, so there is going to be a little bickering. We need to do a better job outside of the building to build up our teammates, our brothers. Everything that we want is still in front of us. So we need to keep working every day.”

Louisville quarterback Malik Cunningham

“They definitely made adjustments because if not we would have had 60. I think we relaxed a little bit as an offense. We kind of laid back a little bit and thought the game was over. We got to finish off games. We started off fast. We just have to finish better in order to get to the next step, to an elite offense.”

Louisville coach Scott Satterfield

“We didn’t play pretty in the second half, but we found a way to win and that’s what I’m proud of. You come on the road in ACC play, you get your first win, I think that was huge for our team. That’s back-to-back good weeks of good wins.”