Quote book: Norvell, Travis, Jones on FSU’s win

Florida State coach Mike Norvell as well as quarterback Jordan Travis and Jarrian Jones spoke to the media after Saturday’s win over UNC. Below are some highlights:

Mike Norvell

(On gaining confidence) “They believe. They believe in what we’re doing, how we’re trying to do it, because they know it’s hard. It’s challenging, there’s nothing that comes easy that’s ever worth having. Whether it’s the push academically, what they’re doing on the practice field, we want these guys to play to the best of their ability. The work is there. You’ve seen that during games, even in responses when we’ve come up short. The margin for victory is so very small, but these guys are sticking to that process. We’ve still got a long ways to go. But to be able to come on the road tonight and do the things we did, it was a challenge. I told them all week starting Sunday that this was going to be a fight, the only way we were going to come here and be willing to fight. To be willing to push, to be willing to let that physicality and toughness show up. When you’re down early in the game, 10-0 on the road, place is rocking, nothing phased them. They just continued to play.”

(On the defense’s performance, adjusting after early UNC scoring drives) “Sometimes when you go on the road, you’re playing an explosive offense, there’s a lot of emotion and excitement. Those guys do a great job, i think they’ve been averaging over 50 points per game at home over the last two years probably. They present some challenges. But even when we didn’t start how we wanted to, we talk all the time about our response and that’s going to show the true identity of who we are and what we’re about. There’s no panic, nothing on sideline, nobody is pressing. They just kept playing, and they showed up big.”

Jordan Travis

(on Saturday’s win) Our goal every Saturday is to go out and get a win. The boys did it today. They worked really hard all week. I’m very thankful for them. They came out with a great mindset the whole week. It’s been a roller coaster this whole all season. So just seeing the guys come out with a positive mindset and just come out with the grit they came out with today was very impressive. I’m very thankful they’re on my team.”

(Offensive line did not allow a sack) “Words can’t describe how happy I am for them. Outside noise has been getting in their head a lot the past couple years. Those guys have always kept their head down and worked. It’s so impressive to see that. They’ve gotten so much hate past couple years. Just seeing them with a smile on their face, coming off the sideline and seeing them happy means the world to me. I’m just very thankful.”

Jarrian Jones

(on breaking the rock postgame) The past two weeks, coach Norvell has stayed on me about being focused and, now that I’m back fully healthy, trusting my training and my technique, stuff like that. These past two weeks, we’ve been locked in on focusing on my technique. I guess he saw what he wanted to see tonight so he let me break the rock. I’m very appreciative. I appreciate my teammates and my coaches for believing in me to go make the plays that they expect me to make. I love those guys and I appreciate them.

(On Jones and the defense having a redeeming performance) “It’s a blessing. We know how we can play and how we’re supposed to play. It’s just all about us doing our 1-11, everybody doing their job when they’re supposed to do it. As for me, yeah, I’ve been battling injuries but it’s no excuse. I had to play better. I feel like now that I’m healthy, I’m getting it back so we’re on the road now.”