Quote book: ‘Noles on loss to Wake

FSU quarterback James Blackman

(On racking up yards but mistakes resulting in coming up short on scoreboard) “We had some critical mistakes and they hurt us when we needed it the most. Especially the fourth quarter, we had too many pre-snap penalties. We had two turnovers, I threw the interception. These are things you can not have. Self-inflicted wounds. You can’t hurt yourself and then try to win a close ballgame like that night.”

FSU running back Cam Akers

“Nobody likes losing. We understand we have to come back to work. We have five more games. We have to come back to win those. We have to put this in the past, take it and learn from it. … It’s very disappointing as a team. And for me personally, it’s very disappointing. I turned the ball over in a critical moment.”

FSU defensive back Stanford Samuels

(On the loss of Hamsah Nasirildeen to the targeting penalty early in the game) “It’s a big adjustment because we were low on numbers already at safety. For him to go down early in the game, that put some pressure on some of the other guys and they had to step up, play a bigger role than they were expected to play.”

(On the team bouncing back from Clemson, competing at Wake) “This team’s culture isn’t to quit. None of us believe in quitting. None of us have ever been quitters. We’re going to come to work until there’s no more work to be done. Tomorrow is going to be a new day. We’re going to come to practice with a mindset to get better and to go on and get ready to play Syracuse.”

FSU coach Willie Taggart

(On the Seminoles’ emotions after a close loss) “They’re disappointed. They’re upset. The guys want to win. Have a close game like that and you don’t win, you’re disappointed.”

(On how James Blackman played) “I thought he did some good things. At the end, couple fumbled snaps there at the end, but I thought throughout the game he played well.”

Wake Forest coach Dave Clawson

(On the significance of a win over FSU) “We’ve had some good wins here over the last 3-4 years, but I thought that was as gritty of a win as we’ve had. Just kind of refusing to give up and finding a way.”

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