Quote book: ‘Noles discuss win at BC

FSU QB James Blackman

On Odell Haggins unifying the team: “Don’t get mad at me about this, but I only got one thing to say about Odell: He’s the GOAT. The GOAT. That’s it.”

On Jordan Travis: “Once he get going, it’s hard to stop him. I promise you. And he put that on display today. He been through a lot. I’m just so happy that he was able to go display his talent today and help this team win.”

WR D.J. Matthews

On dealing with flu: “I found out I had the flu last night when I got to Boston. I didn’t really do too much today, I didn’t really go through too much preparation. I was down, throwing up real bad. Headaches. So, I mean, I still came out and practiced real hard this week. Just paying attention to detail, assignment football. When you’re going through stuff, you just get back to your basics, mechanics. You want to play fundamentally sound.”

RB Cam Akers

On interim head coach Odell Haggins: “Great presence. Coach Odell, he wants to do everything the right way. He wants us to win more than anything. He wants us to be successful, each player, individually. He pushes us in practice. He pushes us in the film room and the weight room. Just to be the best you can be. Never take a day off. Never settle. Just be the best you can be.”

DB Stanford Samuels III

On making the tackle on the BC throwback play: “That was a big play. That was one of those plays we watched on film a lot this week and it was just good execution by those guys. Even though I recognized it fast, they were able to get those linemen on me pretty fast. I somehow got off, I barely grabbed his toenail and made the play.”

FSU interim head coach Odell Haggins

“I’m so proud of these young men. They’re very resilient. Very resilient. They didn’t flinch. When everything happened this weekend, they went out to practice and they ran the hardest they possibly could on Sunday. They wanted to show, ‘We are Florida State. We are unconquered. Coach, we got your back, man.’ That’s what they showed me. And a lot of ’em came up to me and said, ‘Coach, we got your back,’ and they showed me by going out, running hard and practicing hard on Sunday. And, also, I just want to thank David Coburn and the president (John Thrasher) for believing in me. Again. They asked me; I didn’t blink an eye. This is my school. I love it. This school has done a lot for me. It has done a lot for Odell Haggins. Thank you very much Mr. Coburn and John Thrasher for believing in me again.”

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