FSU: ‘Let one get away.’ Boise: ‘Respect all, fear none’

FSU coach Willie Taggart: “Tough loss. Let one get away as a team. I think everybody played a part in the mistakes we made in that ballgame. But I will say one game will not define this football team. We lost to a good football team. Credit Boise for their grit.”

FSU quarterback James Blackman on bouncing back: “It is not going to linger. We are different, for sure different. We are going to hit the ground running tomorrow morning because we are not trying to feel this feeling again. We spoke about it before the game, something happened. Now we have to get right, set a change. Now we have to make up our minds and let each one of us know who we want to be, and that’s a national championship team. This one game can’t define us.”

FSU receiver Keyshawn Helton on the loss: “We are not going to let one game define us. This was the first game of the season and we still have 11 more to go. Again, this game is not going to define us.”

FSU defensive back Levonta Taylor on missed tackles: “The crazy thing about it was we actually had a discussion on not having missed tackles during games. During the game, it just kind of happened. We will get better at that.”

Taggart on the missed tackles: “Really didn’t see it until today. Every single day we work on tackling. We stress that with our guys, especially these first ballgames.

Boise State offensive lineman John Molchon: “The first half, it was tough. But we knew if we were going to just fall over it would have been an embarrassment. At the end of the day our mentality was still fast and physical.”

Boise State coach Bryan Harsin: “The No. 1 thing is toughness. He took shots. … But at the end of the day, why do you play the game? To compete. Why do you compete? To win. What I found out about our quarterback today is he wanted to win and he wanted to win so bad that he found a way to get that done.”

Harsin on FSU: “A lot of respect for this program. I’ve watched Florida State for a lot of years. It’s always been one of the top-tier programs. That respect factor. We say it: respect all, fear none.”

Harsin on the logistics of moving the game to Tallahassee: “No. 1, everybody that was involved that helped make this game happen, all of the operations people, Florida State, people that did the work to get the field done, and to get the fans in here – all of the fans – I know they weren’t all of our fans, obviously, for them to be able to show up and make it an atmosphere like it was today and to feel like you are playing at a three-time national championship stadium. We felt that. Everybody doing the work and all of our operations people – to get flights, hotels and make adjustments, there was a lot there that went on.”


  1. Jim Gladden

    This game came down to, One Team Wanted it more than the Other, .

  2. Kirk Coker

    I agree, coach. But clearly our guys on both sides of the ball were either unsure of what they were doing, or not able to adjust to what adjustments Boise made late in the second quarter and the entire second half. And, I think some panic set in, exacerbating the confusion, leading to poor execution and game management. I’m waiting for the adults to say something more than “we gotta play better”, “we gotta put this behind us”. I think I’m speaking for a whole lot of former players.

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