Quote book: ‘I’m so happy for the guys’

Below are quotes from FSU players and coach Norvell as well as a few from Syracuse following the Seminoles’ win on Saturday evening.

Jordan Travis

(on the emotions of winning) “I didn’t know what to feel. It doesn’t feel real. It still doesnt feel real to me. I’m so excited. I’m so happy for the guys. We can go home and sleep well and wake up with a smile on our face no matter how we feel in the morning. We know we got the win last night. I’m thankful.”

Ryan Fitzgerald

(on preparing for the kick) “After halftime, I was already preparing in my mind. We were winning by three. I already envisioned in my mind, maybe they would kick a field goal. However it would play out, maybe we would be tied, maybe we would be down by three. I went ahead and mentally prepared for that moment and treated it like any other kick. Really more than anything just trust my technique and trust James, Garret and Alex. We prepared through summer, fall and everything. So just having the confidence and visualizing it going right down the middle.”

Kalen DeLoach

(on his 4th down stop) “When it came to third down, they threw the screen and DB made the tackle. They got closer to the goal line. I’m telling them, ‘We need to get off the field, they can’t get in the end zone, it’s fourth-and-1’. We go to bull up and not let them get into our end zone. That’s the mindset we carried.”

Jermaine Johnson

“We’ve known all along what this team has been capable of and we knew it was always a matter of us playing a full 60-minute game. I still don’t think we really did that tonight but we came up with the W. I know earlier I said we had the potential to do it and we got the job done tonight. We are definitely not satisfied. We need to go watch film, fix the little errors. I know I had one big missed tackle. We need to get those little errors and mistakes out of the way so we can be the team we are capable of being.”

Keir Thomas

“I honestly feel like if we eliminate the big plays, they probably wouldn’t score. That’s all we ever preach. We definitely have the capability of playing lights out on defense, we just need to minimize the mistakes.”

Mike Norvell

“As long as we are putting ourselves in the best position to go out there and play to our capability, I absolutely believe in what this team can accomplish. We needed to get a win. It was a wonderful feeling to step in that locker room and see those smiles and seeing the joy of the investment that went into this week but also all the weeks prior. These guys have not stopped working, and I’m not going to let them stop working. We are going to continue to push and get better with each day that we get.”

Syracuse coach Dino Babers

(on going 0 for 3 on fourth down) “It’s the first time we’ve missed on fourth down this year. It’s hard to be perfect in that down and distance. We were disappointed that we didn’t get it. We think we can get them all even though we understand that mathematically that shouldn’t happen.”

Syracuse QB Garrett Shrader

(on fourth-and-goal run) “I thought I heard a whistle on that play. I actually stopped for a second and looked at the sideline, but I feel like if that didn’t happen I definitely would have been able to get in. I still feel like I did but it was on the second effort. But there was just that brief hesitation.”