Quote book: Haggins, Blackman, Minshew and Terry

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FSU interim head coach Odell Haggins

(On his potential candidacy as the permanent head coach, support from players on Twitter): “That’s great that they think that way. But I’m going to say it again, my main concern, it’s not about Odell. It’s been mentoring these young men and coaching them to a successful season. That’s what it’s about. I don’t want no attention on me. I want all of the attention on them, positive attention.”

(On FSU’s focus during the bye week) “You know what I’m going to focus on the most? Fundamentals. See, sometimes we look at all the touchdowns, the interceptions, how do you get those touchdowns and interceptions? By being fundamentally sound. Think about this, we’re fundamentally sound, we’ll get more. And we’re going to get out there this week. We’re going to practice hard. We’re going to be fundamentally sound when we go into that game.”

QB James Blackman

“Coach Odell is Florida State. You can’t speak about Florida State without Coach Odell. He’s been here a long time; he’s spent a lot of hours making sure this program gets where we want. I feel like he’s a hard worker and he deserves the love that we’re showing him right now because he earned it. He’s put in a lot of work, earned a lot of people’s respect, especially around this school. And we love him for that.”

OL Cole Minshew

(On what he will miss about playing at FSU) “The team. I love my guys and I’m always trying to be around them, and we always get along really well. Going through all the hardships and the good things, it seems like we’re always together. We’re always on the same page and have a sense of comradery which is one of the biggest things I’m going to miss. And of course, playing at Doak (Campbell Stadium). I’m going to miss everything honestly.”

WR Tamorrion Terry

(On what practices are like under Haggins) “Everybody comes to work to go to work. I can say everybody comes out there with a chip on their shoulder and ready to play. I know every time we go out there to practice, everybody gives 110% and we just come out there ready to work. Coach Odell is on us a lot and he makes sure everybody is doing the right thing and is staying focused.”

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