Q&A with Terance Mann

Terance Mann spent four years at Florida State helping take the program to new heights as a part of the winningest class in school history. He has begun a new journey with the Los Angeles Clippers, who have begun play in the NBA preseason. Mann was recently back in Tallahassee to work out and see old friends, prior to re-joining his NBA teammates. The Osceola caught up with the 48th overall pick of the NBA Draft to get the inside scoop on the last few crazy months of Mann’s life:

What was your approach to the NBA Summer League?

Mann: “I just wanted to play my game, they moved me to a new position (point guard). So during that week of practice before Vegas I kind of had to learn a lot more stuff. Learn how to run the team at the point guard position. That was really my goal, just to learn that week, how to do it and go out there and play my game.”

How natural did the move to point guard feel?

Mann: “Yeah, it definitely felt natural just because that’s just what I like to do. I like to create for other people, I like to rebound, I like to get to the basket.” 

Did your versatility at FSU help prepare you for the NBA?

Mann: “Yeah, I would say so. That’s always been how it was. Do it all. I played, I think, four different positions in college. Being able to do that prepared me to do whatever at the next level. I knew wherever they put me I’d be fine.”

What was Draft Day like with Mfiondu Kabengele?

Mann: “It was pretty crazy. I got on FaceTime with him. We were happy, excited. Excited we were going to be in LA.”

What’s it like to live in Los Angeles?

Mann: “It’s expensive. That’s probably the biggest thing. You kind of have to watch your pockets because everything out there is expensive.”

What have the Clippers told you about their plans for you in regards to the roster?

Mann: “I’m on the NBA roster (to begin the season). I’m on the roster. Before summer league they said I was going to be on both. If they need me to go down to the G-League (at some point), I will do that. It doesn’t really matter.”

With everything surrounding the Clippers offseason moves and rise to favorite, what’s it mean to you to be on that team?

Mann: “It’s pretty cool. Just to be able to be a championship contender my first year in the NBA. Definitely pretty cool.”

There have been a lot of Seminoles drafted in recent years into the NBA, what does that say about the program’s rise?

Mann: “It’s becoming consistent and obvious. I think people are starting to see that. And people are getting excited for what’s next with this program. They’re going to continue to get guys to the next level.”

What can you share from your experience and advise to the current players at FSU now?

Mann: “It definitely means a lot just to show them, especially the new guys, the freshmen and all the new guys that are here, that I’m one of them. That all it took for me was being in this gym all day and try to show them what it takes. I talked to them last night. Gave them a few pointers. If they take that they’ll go a long way.”

Coming back and letting everything you accomplished at FSU settle in, what do you take away from your career as a Seminole?

Mann: “It was a crazy four years. The coaches really helped me get the success that I had, get to the success that the team had. The way that I was a leader out there, looking back on it, you know, I think I did a pretty good job of that. And that contributed to a lot of wins, 29, the most all time? Ending my senior year like that was amazing. I learned a lot. Hopefully it helps me in the next level.”

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  1. Bob Ferrante Reply

    Mann had eight points and nine rebounds in his first preseason game. It’s a loaded roster but hope he gets some minutes off the bench.

  2. Craig Gilman Reply

    Loved watching him play. Really hope he has a successful NBA career.

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