Practice notes: Blackman jogging as ‘Noles return to field

Florida State returned to the practice field on Tuesday morning and there are some encouraging signs as the Seminoles begin preparations for Saturday’s game against NC State.

Quarterback James Blackman (knee) walked without a limp onto the practice field, wearing his normal brace on the left knee. He later was seen jogging around the field and took part in the open portions of practice, handing off to running backs and throwing to quarterbacks during position workouts.

Blackman has an MCL sprain and a bone bruise, a source told the Osceola. But he is moving around like a quarterback who intends to make every effort to play on Saturday.

You can see FSU’s quarterback throw passes in the video below from Tuesday. From left to right are Jordan Travis (13), Alex Hornibrook (12) and Blackman (1).

Offensive line

FSU’s first-team offensive line was (from left) Abdul Bello, Brady Scott, Baveon Johnson, Mike Arnold and Ryan Roberts. Jauan Williams (ankle) was not seen during the open portion of practice.


Tailback Anthony Grant was mostly an observer and not a participant during the open portion. The same can be said for punter Logan Tyler, who was at practice but did not kick or punt during the open practice window.


Analyst Jim Leavitt was observing the defense. George Henshaw, who has not formally been hired by FSU, was also observing the offense.



    Let’s ask the student government and Greek leadership what they are doing to get the student body to attend and stay at the game!

    • Kim Barnes Reply


    • Jerry Kutz Reply

      I have several suspicions:
      1. FSU is in conversation with those groups encouraging attendance.
      2. The NC State game is Parent’s Weekend so you can expect 10k or so more to attend this week and they’ll be on East side with a 7:30 kick
      3. I’m sure scanned tickets from students was down (I’ll ask for a count) but there were probably more in Doak than you would guess by just looking at the east sideline. Our students are smart (average a 4.0 high school GPA) and thus, with a 3:30 kick, found their way into the shade filling seats on the west side.
      4. The win will help. Another win will help more on both the East and West sideline.

  2. Seminole Dynasty Mike Reply

    I’m really hoping this works with the students and they pack it at. I got to say that WAY back when my wife attended FSU no one needed to “encourage” us or other students to attend a FSU game. I know now (since our daughter attended recently) that things are different today. Regardless, I hope Noles fans show their loyalty again and fill the stands. GO NOLES!

    • Jerry Kutz Reply

      I worked up there for 19 years and have covered FSU for 37 years and while this generation is less engaged in live events of any type nationally, there have always been periods in FSU’s history where students aren’t interested in attending after the team loses one or two. There have been years where the students came early, left late, and packed it in. But there have been years, even when the team was playing great, that students would show up late or leave right after FSU took an insurmountable lead.
      Its not unique to FSU. You see Saban railing against the students at Bama every week, encouraging them to come, trying to embarass them into coming. Bama reached a point several years back, that FSU suffered in the Dynasty Era when we dominated the ACC, and that is the lack of drama, the inevitability of “another boring blowout.”

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