Podcast No. 1 – Coach Bobby Bowden

Former Florida State coach Bobby Bowden and filmmaker John Corry sat down with Osceola publisher Jerry Kutz in our first podcast. The “Bowden Dynasty,” which was produced in part by Corry and his fraternity brothers from FSU, debuted in 2017 and will air in September on the new ACC Network.

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We hope you enjoy the podcast. If you have comments or suggestions, let us know below.

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  1. JP Peterson

    Great stuff Jerry, coach and John!! Welcome back Osceola! Gotta get you on my show soon!

  2. Jerry Kutz

    Thanks JP.
    I’m available for your show any time.

    Coach is so full of energy and enthusiasm. Contagious.

    We plan to do more with him on the Championship teams and players and football today on future podcasts but he was having so much fun with the early days I just wanted to let him run with it… Sue Hall said he had a blast and is looking forward to more.

  3. Greg Conant

    As much as Coach Bowden is a symbol of what is truth and honor in college football.. Jerry Kutz represents the very best of story telling and helping us fans know the truth of FSU football. Best of luck as you resurrect the Osceola and the great stories to come. Good to hear THE Coach… He’s still the man! Greg Conant

  4. Jane

    Loved the Osceola paper back in the Bowden days. Love Coach Bowden and still miss him terribly. Coach Bowden embodies everything that was great about college football. Great to hear the podcast, great to hear from Coach Bowden, those day will forever be irreplaceable

  5. Kirk Coker

    Thanks, Jerry. Great to hear The Coach’s voice. Best of luck with the Osceola going forward. Scalp ’em!

  6. Patrick Burnham

    Congrats on the new show JP.

  7. Jeff Bush

    So AWESOME listening to ya’ll Jerry! So proud of what John and team did for Coach.
    Hope to see you soon!

  8. Jim Gladden

    Jerry and John Corey, The Bowden Dynasty was great, we went down to St. Petersburg for the Premier. Great job John and your Crew,FSU and Coach B. gave Patty and I a lifetime Career, Coach’s management style was the Key Element to his Success. He created a very Pleasant work Atmosphere. He treated everyone with dignity and respect , Players and Coaches. I can’t thank him enough.

  9. Jerry Kutz

    Thanks for the note, your career service in the Marine Corps… and as a FSU quarterback for Coach Bowden in the 80s. Glad to have you as a subscriber and love to have you on a podcast one day.

  10. Jason Franza

    I truly could listen to Coach Bowden all day long. Coaches and dare I say people simply don’t come around like him. Great work, Jerry, as usual, and I’m very much looking forward to future podcasts. Thanks.


  11. Jerry Kutz

    He is the best walking Christin I know full of joy and enthusiasm.

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