Podcast: Charlton Young on FSU’s signees

Florida State assistant coach Charlton Young reflects on his impressions of the Seminoles’ three signees in the 2020 class: Scottie Barnes, Sardaar Calhoun and Quincy Ballard.

Note that there are a few glitchy parts in the back half of the interview with the quality of the Zoom connection but be patient with it – you can still hear Young’s thoughts on the signees.

Some highlights and you can listen to the podcast below:

The FSU staff is staying connected throughout the day by phone and often holds Zoom meetings: “I thought I was on the phone a lot, but now it has been an exponent of about three put on it. We have zoom team meetings twice a week. … J Leonard Hamilton has done a good job of making sure that we protect and preserve our culture and stay connected.”

The staff identified Scottie Barnes early: “Call it a unanimous decision or consensus with our staff, that he was the guy that we had to get in, that he was a Florida State guy. … One of the most under-evaluated areas of a basketball player, I think, is their motor. Being a high-motor player is a skill. Most people don’t think it is. but it’s probably the most important corten steel and for Florida State basketball, it is the most important skill.”

Shooting guard Saardar Calhoun was a late bloomer: “When he came out of high school, he was a Division II kind of guy that just worked. Put a parachute on his back and run the street, go run the beaches, do 1,000 push ups and 1,000 setups and made himself a player. Just worked himself into being one of the best shooting guards in the United States of America. It helped that he grew and gained 30 pounds of muscle.”

Sardaar was at the FSU-Virginia game in Charlottesville, Va., on Dec. 31, 2016, when Dwayne Bacon hit the game-winner: “He was in high school and he was way out at the bus to tell us, ‘I’m going to be a Seminole one day.’ … It’s a great story.”

Quincy Ballard needs time to develop but is an athletic, big body: “He’s a late, late, late bloomer. We kind of found him out there and couldn’t believe it. … He’s a kid that just has been under the radar.”

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