Player point of view: Tomlinson details elimination Saturday

Florida State softball player Maegan Tomlinson will write occasional player perspective stories from the trip to Oklahoma City:

There is obviously always outside pressure put on elimination games. The feelings of fatigue from a 50-plus game season, nerves and the thoughts of the possibility of a last game for many players try to creep their way in. As a team, we have trained all season to be where we are and to have the mental toughness to help push us over the edge. Everyone on this stage is the best of the best. It comes down to smarts and who can mentally outlast each other.

Saturday morning we met as a team excited for the game ahead. We knew whatever we faced was going to be a dogfight. However, we changed the narrative in our minds. We didn’t hop on the bus dreading the possibility of our season being cut short. We embraced the “free” softball we got to play together as a team. It is remarkable to be one of the last eight teams in the nation and every game we get an opportunity to fight is just more time spent together.

During Saturday’s game two against Arizona it was once again a packed stadium. Looking around, seeing all of the young girls in the stands, truly reminds you that you always play for something bigger than yourself. As a squad, we were electric in the dugout. Every staff member and player was present in every single pitch of that game and it showed. It takes the whole tribe in postseason and every little moment that contributes to the big-time plays. Death or survive for the Lady Noles as we take on Oklahoma State tonight at 9:30 ET.

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