Player point of view: Maegan Tomlinson describes WCWS experience

Florida State softball player Maegan Tomlinson will write occasional player perspective stories from the trip to Oklahoma City:

Making it to the World Series has been nothing short of a dream of a life time. On Tuesday afternoon we pulled up to the Million Air terminal and were greeted by family and supporters excited to join us on our journey to OKC. We were all thrilled with the opportunity to fly on a charter as a team and letting the excitement of heading to the World Series really soak in. Once we landed on Tuesday afternoon, we checked in and got dressed up to go to a fancy dinner as a team at Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse. Due to this unique Covid season, we have greatly missed the ability to go out to eat as a team and spend time off of the field together. We had a reserved room and got to disconnect from distractions and spend time celebrating what we have accomplished.

Wednesday morning everything became very real. We woke up and went through our COVID testing protocol to start the morning. Once we finished up, we headed back to the hotel to put on our beautiful Golds for the ESPN media day at the field. Walking up to the Hall of Fame Stadium was a dream come true. With the new stadium renovations, the stadium looked even bigger than all of us anticipated. They took us to a practice field on site for our team pictures and individual photos and interviews. After pictures finished up, we changed into our practice gear and got to practice on the field as a unit. Coacha (coach Lonni Alameda) is amazing about really reminding us to soak in every moment and staying present where our feet are. After our designated time on the field, we all laid in the outfield and marveled at our surroundings.

Thursday morning was like waking up on Christmas morning. The anticipation for our late game was almost more nerve-racking than walking into the stadium. I have never seen anything like our experience that night walking into the dugout before the game. It’s every young girl’s dream to play on the biggest stage possible and here we are. It is truly remarkable to see how much the sport of softball has grown. With the increased media coverage and publicity over this tournament, we can only hope that more advancements can be made to help speed the growth of softball. Over 10,000 attendees were in the stands just supporting and enjoying softball. Looking into the stands seeing all of our family, alumni, support staff and wonderful boosters that have supported us along the way reminds us that it takes a whole tribe to get there. We are grateful for everyone that has supported and poured into us this season, we surely have felt your love from afar. We aren’t done fighting yet. It is going to take the entire Nole Nation, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Maegan Tomlinson No. 2

(photo via FSU athletics)