Player point of view: Long days, team wins, a big Monday ahead

Florida State softball player Maegan Tomlinson will write occasional player perspective stories from the trip to Oklahoma City. FSU will play Alabama on Monday, likely with a 7 or 7:30 p.m. start on ESPN, following the James Madison-Oklahoma game at 4 p.m.:

I have never seen more grit than Team 38. After our win against Arizona early in the day a rain delay loomed Saturday night game against Oklahoma State. We got to the field around 8 p.m. and prepared as we normally do. As the Oklahoma-UCLA game dragged on, we began to wonder if we were going to get the game in. Around 10:30 they announced that we would play the delayed game that night. Although we all wanted to play, we knew it was going to be hard to play a midnight softball game after the day we had. Looking back on it now, I am proud of the resilience our team carried out with the adversity forced upon on us. We as student-athletes believe that the WCWS should be extended past a week to allow for weather delays and other situations that may arise to avoid the situation we faced. We finished up our amazing win against OSU around 3 a.m. local time, but it completely felt like our 4 a.m. Tallahassee time. Although we won, in my opinion no student-athlete should have to play past the designated rule book start time to comply with the television station’s schedule.

One thing coach Lonni Alameda has instilled in us this COVID season is the “Bend don’t Break” mentality. With the late night/morning we had, we woke up Sunday morning prepared for the early day ahead. Despite such little sleep, our adrenaline and drive had us pumped for the dogfight as we pulled up to USA Hall of Fame Stadium. The game was stalled in the bottom of the first inning due to a severe storm that hit the area. During our 2 1/2-hour game delay we rested and tried to conserve what little energy we had left. All of the mental game preparation our team has focused on this season came to play during Sunday’s game. Everyone was pulling from the “hay in the barn” to be able to play another game alongside our best friends.

This win was electric. It doesn’t matter who is or isn’t talking about us, we are focusing on every girl to the left and right of us. We have another hard battle ahead against Alabama on Monday night, so tune in Nole Nation.

Maegan Tomlinson No. 2

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