Osceola Outtakes: Evaluations of 2021 OL targets Terrence Ferguson, Bryson Estes, Laurence Seymore

The Osceola recruiting team takes a closer look at three offensive lineman that are high on Florida State’s recruiting board for the class of 2021. Recruiting Analyst Charles Fishbein, Football Analyst and former FSU offensive lineman and college football coach Mark Salva and Pat Burnham analyze the highlight tape of prospects Terrence Ferguson, Bryson Estes and Laurence Seymore.

Ferguson is a 6-foot-4, 300-pound offensive lineman from Peach County High School in Fort Valley, Ga. He is reported to also have offers from Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, Auburn, Florida and Miami among others. The rising senior is rated as a four-star prospect by 247Sports, which also ranks him as the third-best offensive guard prospect in the country and the 5th-best overall prospect in Georgia.

Estes attends Eagles Landing High School in McDonough, Ga., and recently announced that FSU is among the final five schools he will consider for his college home. The other schools involved in his recruitment are Missouri, Nebraska, Penn State and Arizona State. He is 6-3 and 291 pounds and is reported to also hold offers from Boston College, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Louisville and NC State among others. Estes is rated as a three-start prospect by 247Sports, which also has him ranked as the eighth-best center prospect in the country and the 41st-best overall prospect from Georgia.

Seymore, 6-1 and 293-pounds is currently committed to the University of Miami. He attends Miami Central High School and is also reported to have offers from Florida, Oregon, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisville and Arkansas among others. 247Sports has Seymore rated as a four-star prospect, the ninth-best offensive guard prospect in the country and the 24th-best overall prospect from Florida.

Below are some summarized and paraphrased comments from Salva, Fishbein and Burnham on each prospect. To hear their comments in their entirety please click on the YouTube link at the bottom of the page.

Outtakes on Ferguson

Salva on Ferguson: “He’s got good size. He plays in a good league up there in Fort Valley, so he’s got some good competition he is going against … He has really good feet, athletic and natural short-stepper… He’s got a solid core … He’s got a powerful mid-core but you couple that with really good foot speed and you’ve really got something to work with. His ability to stay (engaged) with smaller guys when they change directions speaks to his athletic ability … He’s a little upright in his stance but that is something you can work with. He looks like he has some pretty long arms and he has natural inside hands … He is an athletic, big guy, he has really good balance, really good foot speed, really good hands … I think you have a lot to work with here. This is a guy that I think can play a lot of positions (on the offensive line) … I think he might make a really good center… He is a powerful football player.”

Fishbein on Ferguson: “Wide body … Will be able to put on the necessary weight to play at the next level. He has some athletic ability. You would like for him to have a little more lateral quickness if Ferguson is going to stick to OT. He can become a very good guard. He is well coached. His technique is pretty good. Feel he is a prospect that with a redshirt season could start by year two.”

Burnham on Ferguson: “I thought he was a guy that might be able to move up and down the offensive line. He is athletic, he has really good strength in his upper body. I think he plays with tremendous effort … He likes to finish people off … You can really see his natural athleticism when he lines up on defense … You can see his natural ability to move, where he tries to be a little more technical on the offensive side of the ball … He looks like he is trying to do what he is coached to do.”

Outtakes on Estes

Salva on Estes: “He’s got good size, not elite size but good size. You’ve kind of got to project him a little bit in that regard. You see him do some really good things … I think he has a good stance, which tells me he has good hip flexibility, some good ankle flexibility … Not sure about the level of competition (he plays against), so that is something I would have to check into a little bit more … He is an intriguing prospect … I would have to see how he progresses as a senior… But he does a lot of good things for sure.”

Fishbein on Estes: “Has some athletic ability. Can get to the edge and seal off the defender. He is a little slow out of his stance but once he gets going Estes can move. He will need to get bigger and stronger at the next level. He has good technique. Can play multiple positions on the line.”

Burnham on Estes: “I thought he moved extremely well. He gets out in front of the quick screens and gets up on the second level and has the ability to lock on to people … I thought he established inside hands well … He gets to high at times and allows people to get inside his numbers at times … I agree with Mark – I have questions about the level of competition but also agree with Fish and that if he was willing to commit, you would have to take it based on where FSU is today with it offensive line roster.”

Outtakes on Seymore

Salva on Seymore: “I’ve never heard of the kid and I know its highlight tape but every single kid is on the ground every time … People just fall down when he touches them, that tells you this kid is powerful. He has some short-space power that is hard to teach … He is athletic, that size thing, sometimes you just say a guy can play football and you let them play … He gets on guys, he runs his feet, guys fall down.”

Fishbein on Seymore: “Reminds me of Isaiah Wynn, who played high school football at Lakeland, went onto University of Georgia and then became a first-round pick with the Patriots. He plays with a mean streak. You turn on his film, watch him live or go to a camp and his goal is to dominate the guy opposite him. He has great initial burst off the ball. He can get to the 2nd level. Here is a kid who finishes.”

Burnham on Seymore: “I think he is a guy that projects as more of a guard or center than he does an offensive tackle. He is strong and physical. Has a mean streak and finishes off blocks. Solid prospect who plays much bigger than his measurements.”

Please click on the YouTube link below to hear Salva, Fishbein and Burnham on Ferguson, Estes and Seymore in full:

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