Osceola Outtakes: Evaluating 2021 OL targets Tristan Leigh, Rod Orr, Jacoby Jackson

The Osceola recruiting team takes a closer look at three offensive lineman that are high on Florida State’s recruiting board for the class of 2021. Recruiting Analyst Charles Fishbein, Football Analyst and former FSU offensive lineman and college football coach Mark Salva and Pat Burnham analysis the highlight tape of Tristan Leigh, Rod Orr and Jacoby Jackson.

Leigh is a 6-foot-6 and 285-pound five-star prospect from Robinson Secondary School in Fairfax, Va., who recently announced that FSU was among the top-15 schools he is considering to make his college home. He is ranked as the No. 3 offensive tackle in the country by 247Sports. Some of the other programs in his top 15 are Alabama, Clemson, LSU, Oklahoma, Maryland and Penn State.

Orr is a 6-7, 296-pound three-star prospect from Gadsden City High School in Gadsden, Ala., who just recently received an offer from FSU. He is also reported to have offers from Arizona State, Minnesota, Mississippi State, Missouri, Ole Miss and Oregon among others. 247Sports ranks Orr as the 50th-best OT prospect in the country and the 23-best overall prospect from Alabama.

Jackson, who is 6-6 and 320 pounds, is also a three-star prospect and in addition to his offer from FSU is also reported to have been offered by Arizona, Baylor, Boise State, Duke, Houston, Iowa State, SMU and TCU among others. The Arlington, Texas, native attends Mansfield Summit High School. Jackson is ranked as the 91st-best offensive tackle prospect in the nation by 247Sports.

Below are some summarized and paraphrased comments from Salva, Fishbein and Burnham on each prospect. To hear their comments in their entirety please click on the YouTube link at the bottom of the page.

Outtakes on Tristan Leigh

Salva on Leigh: “The first thing as I watch Tristan you notice he’s a physical guy. He has good speed off the ball, good hands, you can see he is kind of a bully, which is what you want to see out of a highly-touted prospect. He pushes guys around pretty good. He is always trying to finish his blocks and what enables him to do that is foot speed … It’s a no-brainer the kid is a major (college) prospect … He is a five-star guy and you can see why that would be … He’s not ready-made but he is an elite talent.”

Fishbein on Leigh: “I like his lateral quickness. He can set the edge (in pass protection) and come back inside and he doesn’t lose leverage or balance … He has good natural strength, he doesn’t get overpowered … I do like the fact that he finishes, he is very violent with his hands … I like the fact that he plays defense too. That means he has an aggressive streak in him … He is very physical at the point of attack. I like him as either a guard or a tackle … He is a very talented player. He is someone that can come in and contribute right away. Maybe not start right away but be in the two-deep.”

Burnham on Leigh: “He is certainly a guy that can come in based on how the roster sits today at Florida State and compete at least to be a two-deep guy and possibly start by the time he gets to his second year…..He is one of the better offensive tackles we have seen in the breakdowns we’ve done.”

Outtakes on Rod Orr

Salva on Orr: “I love this kid, I want to tell you. I love his length, I love his foot speed … He is an elite, big, long, athletic talent. He is raw, as raw as can be, a little stiff in the ankles but nothing that scares me … I love his stance, I love the way his knees come in on his stance and how compact he looks. I call those power angles … He has his knees in tight and that is power going to the center of his core … He has elite hat speed coming off the football … His length is really good, he’s athletic, he likes to finish … If he is only a three-star (prospect) then I am not very good at this game.”

Fishbein on Orr: “He is a good-looking prospect. He is a little light on the backside … Athletically, I think he can handle any kind of athleticism that comes off the edge. I really like his length … I thought technique-wise he’s pretty good there. Overall I thought he was a Division-I kid that’s probably two years away from playing … He is someone you want to develop physically and mentally.”

Burnham on Orr: “You guys were talking about projection before we started taping today and he is a guy that you could certainly see as a three-year starter easily at the major college level … My first note was that he was a left tackle or blind side tackle all the way … The fluidity with which he runs with was very impressive and a guy I like more, the more I watch him … My second note on Orr was that he was physical.”

Outtakes on Jacoby Jackson

Salva on Jackson: “He is a big guy, he has good speed, he (plays) a little high … The things he does do well, he has really good hands. He stays after them good, he is a big body, he is a mauler … I think he is probably going to end up inside (at guard), he is going to struggle blocking elite defensive ends … I think this kid plays with some good football intelligence … He redirects well, he is always playing with his pads square, good hands. He looks like he is trying to do what he is coached to do.”

Fishbein on Jackson: “I see the kid as an interior lineman, more of a guard than a tackle … Physically he can play right now compared to a lot of other kids … I don’t see the lateral quickness from him, that’s why I think he more of a Big Ten-type offensive lineman … I think he is a good player … I would like to see a little more violence out of his hands.”

Burnham on Jackson: “The first thing I wrote compared to the other two is that he belongs inside at guard, playing inside of those two guys. Obviously, a huge kid who is a physical, dominant run blocker.”

Please click on the link below to view the Osceola’s film session with full commentary on each prospect:


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