Nutritionist takes on critical role as athletes train back home

Florida State director of sports nutrition Marisa Faibish joins the Osceola to discuss what she is doing to stay in touch with athletes as they are living back home, working out and conditioning on their own.

Faibish emphasizes the importance of hydration as the weather gets warmer. FSU is sending care packages and ordering meal packages for players that are customized to their nutritional needs, whether they are looking to add or lose weight.

She is encouraged that players have shared photos or videos of post-workout smoothies or shakes and that they have found competition in trying to be creative in that arena.


  1. Jerry Kutz

    Good lord 10,000 calories!
    My typical college diet

    Cheerios with milk and a banana 400 calories
    Two cups of coffee with milk and sugar 200 calories

    McDonalds double cheese burger and fries with a 12 oz coke 800 calories

    1/2 box of kraft macaroni and cheese (400 calories) with 6 oz of cheap hamburger (30 percent fat) 470 calories or can of tuna fish (120 cal)

    2 Reeces Peanut Butter cups (1 package) is 210 calories or Popcorn 100 calories
    Six pack of Old Milwaukee Beer 840 calories

    Late night snacks
    6 Krystal Burgers after the beer (130 each) 780

    Adds up to right at 4,000 calories.

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