Notes: No QB starter named, Helton out for season

Florida State coach Willie Taggart did not name a starting quarterback for Saturday’s game at Wake Forest and will use the week to evaluate James Blackman and Alex Hornibrook.

“We always evaluate what we’re doing and make sure we do what’s best for our football team,” Taggart said. “We want someone that’s going to lead our football team and we’ve seen that both guys have executed our offense really well. Last week we took the wrong week to have our worst offensive performance. Everybody, not just our quarterback but everybody didn’t have a good game offensively.”

Blackman has completed 95 of 147 passes (64.6 percent) for nine touchdowns and four interceptions. Hornibrook has completed 57 of 72 passes (72.2 percent) for six touchdowns and an interception.

Wide receiver Keyshawn Helton (knee) is out for the season, Taggart said. Helton has caught 17 passes for 239 yards and three touchdowns.

Defensive back Cyrus Fagan is day to day, Taggart said. Fagan left FSU’s game at Clemson. He has 33 tackles, an interception and a pass break-up this season.

Taggart said that cornerback Levonta Taylor (knee) is expected to play this week after missing the Clemson game.

Burying the Clemson film: Taggart said the Seminoles saw enough of the FSU-Clemson game on Sunday and have turned the page.

“We kind of watched the first half of the Clemson game, just seeing the mistakes that we made and then we buried that film, moved on to Wake Forest,” Taggart said. “There’s a lot of mistakes we made in that game, a lot of communication mistakes. We let the game get away from us early.”

FSU-Syracuse kickoff: The Seminoles’ game on Oct. 26 against Syracuse will be played at 3:30 p.m. A network has not been determined.


  1. Carolyn Dubard Reply

    Don’t understand the comment that the coaches kind of watched the first half of the tape of Clemson game and then buried it. I think the mistakes should be studied and methods put into place to minimize those mistakes. Also I would think all the film would be used to evaluate the play of the quarterbacks. So it sounds like quarterback evaluation is based only on practice play against our not so good defense. Viewing game performance of quarterbacks against a good defense can identify specific deficiencies that then the coaches can work with both quarterbacks to rectify. I do not understand burying the film and not doing analysis of actual film.

    • Bob Ferrante Reply

      I think he was implying that the coaches watched it and then the team watched just the first half. That was the way I took it.

      I agree with you in that you need to learn from mistakes and losses. It’s tough to judge either QB off this Clemson game, though. Neither played well, missing short-range passes and throwing interceptions, and were constantly under pressure.

  2. Carolyn Dubard Reply

    Well I don’t know how you can be sure that is what he meant. The use of the word We would to me surely include the coaches. Why does Taggert hire from his own salary a media person to help him communicate clearly. It is better to be silent than to say something stupid.

    As for evaluating the quarterbacks, I agree that neither looked good Saturday. Their deficiencies showed. The coaches could work with them this week during practice but the coaches first have to watch the film to identify the deficiencies. With as much as the coaches make they should study both halves and not just kinda watch the first half.

    It isn’t so important for the team to watch the film but it is critical for the coaches to do so. The players can be shown individual plays for teaching purposes.

    I have been a Nole fan since 1971. My husband and I are Golden Chiefs. We have not been on the Fire Willie train. We are willing to be patient for a rebuild as long as there is progress. If indeed the coaches do study the film as you suggest, then Willie needs to help out by not saying in a press conference that they are burying the film and only kind of watching the first half.

    At a press conference I don’t need to hear how the players are going to do things differently. I want to know how the coaches are going to do things differently.

  3. Carolyn Dubard Reply

    Meant to write Why doesn’t Taggart hire from his own salary….. instead of does.

  4. Jerry Kutz Reply

    Bowden was an exceptional communicator, especially after a difficult loss. Sometimes he’d use humor to disarm but it was dangerous. People don’t want to laugh.
    Taggart may be trying to move on to Wake and get his team focused on the next but I have to believe Briles, the QB coach and OC, is studying film and verifying what he saw Saturday.
    He has a press assistant but I don’t know how much input there is.

    I think a coach NEEDS to follow a tried and true formula: own the loss, let people know what you are doing to fix and only then talk about the importance of turning the page.

    Keep it very clean.

    • Patrick Burnham Reply

      A couple of his comments caught my attention too. His selection of words could have been better in talking about film evaluation. I would have to think that the staff watched the entire game but certainly he should have communicated that more effectively.

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