Notes: Coburn updates on portal impact, Semrau offers helping hand

Florida State athletics director David Coburn offered updates to the Board of Trustees on Friday. Among the updates:

A new draft of the NCAA’s constitution will be presented virtually during a convention on Monday. The NCAA committee will continually update with feedback provided by administrators at various schools. The NCAA will hold a convention on Jan. 20 to discuss amendments and vote on the new constitution. “It is an elaborate process and there is a lot of work to be done,” Coburn said.

Coburn shared some data related to transfers — Approximately 13 percent of Division I male athletes in all sports are entering the portal. “That’s a pretty striking number,” Coburn said. Of FBS football players, roughly 16 percent are entering the portal. Coburn said 428 FBS football players have entered the portal since fall practice began, about 3.5 per school (FSU has had six since August, Coburn states). “That process is continuing to snowball,” Coburn said. “The impacts are really going to be on the high school athlete.”

There is no consensus on a four-team playoff or expanding to eight or 12 teams. Coburn said there are variations of proposals on the table.

There is no update on the Disney-Comcast negotiations for the ACC Network. 

A football early signing ceremony will be held on Dec. 15. There will be a live stream.

Top Golf will be at Doak Campbell Stadium next weekend, Thursday through Sunday.

FSU will host the NCAA Cross Country championship at the Apalachee Regional Park next Friday. “That is a big deal for this community and we are very, very excited about it,” Coburn said. “We have a fabulous course. I think it’s going to be a great event.”

Football season tickets for 2022 are on sale as well as packages for the FSU-LSU game.

Sports gambling has been legalized in 33 states. Coburn said one of the biggest issues within the sports gambling discussion is the desire by gambling houses who want the “in-game data” so that gamblers can make a bet on the next play or the outcome of the next play, Coburn explained.

The National Labor Relations Board general counsel issued a memo to field offices stating college athletes are employees. Coburn said it is not a legal ruling and applies only to private schools but can be “extremely influential.” He thinks if college athletes have the chance to collectively bargain that it will “substantial alter college athletics as we know it.”

Sue Semrau reflects on Bowden’s words

Speakers at the BOT meeting often bring a guest to make a presentation or talk. Prior to Coburn’s comments, FSU women’s basketball coach Sue Semrau talked, reflecting on her time at FSU as well as the impact of a conversation with football coach Bobby Bowden in the 1990s.

“I remember on my interview, he said, ‘I will help you,’ ” Semrau said. “Now, this is a guy that won, what, top 5 for 14 consecutive years? ‘I will help you.’ And now I feel like it’s my turn to do that and say, ‘I will help you.’ So if there’s anything that I can do for any of the departments here, that is my heart. I think people with good hearts are drawn to Florida State. I’ve got a team that was preseason ranked in the top 20. I don’t think we’re any good. Never do this time of year. But we were ranked in the preseason top 20. And they have amazing hearts. They want to do things together. They want to make sure that they represent Florida State in an amazing way.

“I see Sally Karioth (from FSU’s college of nursing) back there. We have to we have a young lady who graduated from the nursing school here while playing basketball and then went on to get a PhD in nursing to be a nurse practitioner. And she’s now the head coach of the Division I Colgate women’s basketball team. That’s incredible. You talk about the police force. I have two young women who graduated from the criminology school, which is an amazing school. And they’re both police officers today. Young African-American women who are police officers, who in the time of tragedy that we’ve all seen, in the social justice system, they’re the ones that are back now talking to my players. Not somebody I don’t know, but somebody that was one of them.

“And so I just want to say, ‘Athletics wants to represent this university.’ We talk about football and men’s basketball being like a front porch. Well, I just want to tell you that all of us, football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball, all the way across, ‘We want to go out and get off of our porch and we want to help in any way that we can.’ “