Norvell recaps FSU’s first practice

Florida State is taking its first steps this spring.

And the Seminoles are moving quickly, learning from a new group of coaches at a high tempo. Coach Mike Norvell said it was a productive morning on the practice field and said that he, assistants and managers had mapped out a few times on the field how they would run certain drills.

“Everything is new,” Norvell said. “It’s new for the for the players, it’s new for the managers, new for the coaches. We’re all getting our starting point. I thought it was a good day. Like the energy of the guys. I thought there was some teachable moments and things we got to get cleaned up in our overall understanding.”

FSU will practice on Tuesday and Thursday next week before taking time off for spring break. Norvell said he was happy with the energy that the Seminoles showed.

“I just want them to come out and give everything they have each and every day,” Norvell said.

And it wasn’t just the players who brought energy. Norvell and the assistants were running around and instructing.

“If I’m going to ask them to go out there and give great effort, great energy, focus, attention to detail, I better be doing the same thing,” Norvell said. “I like this group. I like the kids that I get to coach.”

More from Coach Norvell is below:

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