Norvell previews start of spring practice

Florida State coach Mike Norvell is meeting with the media a day ahead of the start of spring practice. Here are some updates:

Mike Norvell presser begins – 695 pounds of positive body weight. He can tell FSU players have really begun to change their bodies.

Almost 30 guys that were plus or minus 10 pounds, Norvell said. Among those who have put on good weight are receiver Tamorrion Terry (up 16 pounds) and linebacker Emmett Rice (up 18 pounds.

Receiver Keyshawn Helton, who is still going through knee rehab, has gained more than 20 pounds.

Can’t recall Norvell mentioning Marvin Wilson with specific weight gain/loss but the coach is pleased with the work he has done to reshape his body.

“You see gains, you see growth,” Norvell said.

Center Baveon Johnson has lost 15 pounds, which is among the players who needed to re-shape his body.

Strength and conditioning coach Josh Storms has reiterated the offseason dedication to lifting, workouts and nutrition.

James Blackman is up 10 pounds. Norvell is happy with that. He also states that quarterbacks will be coached the hardest. “You’ve got to be able to handle that and to respond.”

Quarterbacks will be evaluated daily. Not much detail on reps, who gets first-team snaps and such, although Norvell says they will be split evenly among Blackman, Jordan Travis and early enrollee Tate Rodemaker.

Wyatt Rector has moved from quarterback to tight end. Norvell said he moved well in bowl practices and the walk-on has embraced that opportunity. The tight end is a hybrid H-back / tight end.

Some more position changes could come later but Norvell and the staff want to evaluate them in the spring.

Norvell feels Terry and Wilson have worked hard in the weight room, in tour of duty workouts and throughout the offseason. He says they are not back to improve their draft stock but to cement their legacy as a player at FSU.

Defensive back Akeem Dent will be out for the spring. he had an injury in offseason workouts, Norvell said.

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