Norvell discusses FSU’s loss

Florida State coach Mike Norvell met with the media after Saturday’s loss at Louisville. Below are some of his thoughts the the full video is at the end:

Opening statement

“We challenged our guys this week to go out there and push themselves to improve in all aspects. The same things that have shown up early in the season are still showing up so we’ve got to re-evaluate the way that we are holding guys to that standard of what we expect. I didn’t have the team prepared to the level that they’re capable of today so that goes on me. It will be corrected and we’ll continue to grow, move forward from this point.”

 After the big win last week does this performance feel like a setback?  

“There were lessons even last week. We won the game last week, but there were still lessons that had to be learned. We played a really good half of football last week and we missed out on some opportunities in the second half and did some things that are going to cost you. That showed up today and you’re not gonna be successful if those things continue to show up within the way that we play. We’ve got to do a better job making sure that we’re finishing plays when we get the opportunity to finish them. We had some dropped passes, missed tackles. We knew that this team had big-play capability. If you let them get in space, there’s a chance that you can really make them pay. Obviously, that happened with some missed tackles. It did not allow us to play the way that we’re capable of. We are a team that is a continued work in progress. You say a setback, we understand what it is to play winning football. We’ve seen flashes of it, we’ve seen moments. But right now, we are not playing consistent enough to be able to sustain that. We’ve got to continue to work and learn lessons, go get it improved in practice and it’s got to show up on gameday.”

Penalties were a problem again for FSU.

“That’s something we’ve got to continue to work on. Honestly, a choice has to be made. There’s not been a day that’s gone by that I’ve been here that there’s not been accountability in what our standard is. There’s going to continue to be accountability for that, but obviously, the message needs to continue to get across, a choice has to be made and that’s in aspects of what we’re doing.”

What was the cause of the defensive lapses?

“There were a handful of times that as you prepare and you work through the week of what you expect and what you see, there’s times we had pretty good calls in to some of these plays and there were times that we probably could get better situations. Everybody’s got to make sure that we’re communicating. We have 11 guys playing as one. When you’re playing a zone team that is as efficient as they are — it’s a good football team, good backs — we’ve got to make sure we’re doing everything in our power to win our gaps. When you have an opportunity to get there and make the plays, you’ve got to make the plays. There’s things that we’ll have to continue to evaluate in all aspects, but it was a little bit of everything today.”

Is it frustrating to see the same mistakes each game?

“I want to see growth. I want to see the application of lessons that you’ve learned. At the end of the day, I’ve not been a part of a game or a performance where every person was perfect. There’s going to be mistakes that show up. When you have a point of emphasis of something that needs to be corrected, you have something that you’ve seen that keeps you from being successful and playing to the best of your capabilities, there needs to be a change in that regard. I can tell you that we are working our tails off at practice every day, meetings, addressing things individually, collectively as a group. In the moment, with all the right intentions, we’ve got to make sure that we are playing the game the way it’s supposed to be played. That’s with passion, that’s with discipline, that’s with unbelievable effort and then we’ve got to trust the techniques and the fundamentals of what’s being taught. That’ll put us in the best position to make the plays. Doesn’t guarantee us that we’re gonna make all the plays, but it’ll put us in the best position. That’s something that has to show up more consistently within this football team.”