Norvell: Big expectations of Brownlee, competition at DB

Florida State coach Mike Norvell spoke on Tuesday after practice No. 4 about a variety of topics but was asked a few question about the defensive backs. The Seminoles took Wednesday off but will return to the field on Thursday afternoon. Weather permitting, writers will be allowed to watch the practice (if it’s moved to the IPF, no media will be allowed).

CB Jarvis Brownlee

“Jarvis is a talented young man. He is probably one of our more athletic guys that we have on this football team because the change of direction and positions he can get himself in and recover from. Just in coverage. I really like the steps that I’ve seen from him as well. Going out there last year as a redshirt freshman, getting thrown into some challenging situations, but I thought he got better. He’s a guy, whether it was a good or bad [play], for the most part he responded in a really good way. He’s a guy that’s going to be a top performer for us. We’ve got big expectations … There’s a lot of competition in the defensive backfield with guys who are all looking to out themselves in that prime position. Jarvis is pushing, but he’s also being pushed. But we’ve got big expectations for him.”

S Brendan Gant

“Brendan was a young man this last year, it was a real challenge. Our safety depth was limited this past season and Brendan actually had an injury non-football related that forced him to miss a majority of the summer training. He really stretched into the first part of the year. He was playing early off no training, lost a lot of body weight. But just continued to focus on his growth. Plays extremely hard. Starting to gain more and more confidence. He is a totally different person right now. You look at body weight, he’s up over 205 pounds. I think he played last year in the low 180s. It was a struggle in a lot of aspects. He’s taken a lot of ownership. He’s passionate to improve. I love his energy. Just continuing to grow and making sure that in the moment he trusts what he sees and is able to react. Put himself in the best position to achieve success. But he definitely has the talent and I’m excited about his continued growth.”

CB Bam Moore

“I think Bam has looked really good. Bam, Pac (Jarques McClellion), Jammie (Robinson), the newcomers in the defensive backfield, have all really shown well throughout their first four practices. I think each of those guys have unique and different skill sets that can help us. We’ve been able to look at Pac a little bit at safety as well and, I’ll tell you, he’s done a nice job there in a short period of time. As we continue to grow with Bam, I think, there’s not been anything that I’ve seen where he’s kind of been held back from a physical aspect of it. He’s excited to be back on the field and makes some really good tackles at times the first few days. And on the flip side, doing a nice job in coverage and continuing to build in the confidence that we’re asking him to do.”

S Sidney Williams

“Sidney is a guy that’s really, I think the offseason was huge for him. His senior year of high school he suffered a shoulder injury that kind of limited him. And in some aspects affected his recruiting. We were excited to be able to get him here. The one thing that’s been pleasing is his physicality. He’s a big defensive back with really good change of direction, runs well. But has found a way to get himself to the ball. He’s done a good job taking ownership with what we’re asking him to do, communication. He brings the right mindset and the right approach. I’m so excited about what Sidney is going to do. The experience he got there towards the back half of the year. I think it was so very valuable to his future. He’s probably one of the top performers here early in spring ball.”