‘Noles reflect on favorite wins over Miami

Florida State-Miami emotion runs deep. The Osceola asked Seminoles for their favorite win over the Hurricanes and, as expected, we got some entertaining responses.

Brian Allen (1997: FSU 47, Miami 0) – “Favorite memory for me would have to be the 1997 win at Doak and being on special teams with my incoming classmates, Tommy Polley, Roland Seymour, Tay Cody and others. A photographer captured all of us making a tackle together on special teams. All of us paying our dues and doing our part until it was our turn. Special moment.”

Louis Berry (1983: FSU 38, Miami 3) – “The beat down we gave Miami in the Orange Bowl, 38-3. It was Mickey Andrews’ first year at FSU. Everything went right that day.”

Peter Boulware (1993: FSU 28, Miami 10) – “Beat Miami and went on to win the national championship.”

Forrest Conoly: (He doesn’t list a win but the emotions are evident – enjoy.) “If you played in it there are no words needed. This is one of those games that matter on a whole different level! I don’t eat oranges this week. Although green is my favorite color it ain’t this week. Dudes from the crib you played with. Dudes you played against. Dudes you’ve read and/or heard about. It’s all in this game. No disrespect to other rivalries but those are just games. The best at every position to play college football has played in this game. This is a battle! Girlfriends don’t matter this week. The Moon don’t matter this week! The union and down under ain’t matter! A lot of your friends across them train tracks stopped mattering (a lot of UM foolishness over there)! When you play in this game you either going to make yourself some money or become a meme! It’s a lot of spirits still laid out on the field at Doak at the spot where the Orange Bowl used to be and at Hard Rock! I’ve seen dudes quit in this game. I’ve witnessed Coach (Bobby) Bowden get out of character at halftime with an All-American player because he hadn’t shown up yet and was playing soft. This was, is and always will be that “you want to go to the league show me game.” College football doesn’t matter this week. Only the FSU-Miami game matters.

Matt Frier (1993: FSU 28, Miami 10) – “1989 was awesome. But I redshirted. So 1993 was special because all the heartbreak after that. Plus it led us to our first national championship.”

Steve Gilmer (1993: FSU 28, Miami 10) – “It’s hard not to call out the Bush interception in 1993. That moment seemed to ice the game and release the demons.”

Chris Hope – “When I think back on our epic battles, I can’t help but think about the epic speeches coach Mikey Andrews shared with the defense the night before the game. He would be rather calm in behavior but in rare form with illustrations, stories and quotes. He would start off the meeting with ‘Look at the person you’re sitting next to and look them in the eyes and ask yourself, ‘Would you feel comfortable going to sleep sitting back-to-back in a fox hole with that same person you’re sitting next to?’ He would later go on to say, ‘I can’t promise you that I trust everybody in this room, myself. But all I can promise you is that tomorrow, when the ball is kicked off, it’s going to be extremely hot and somebody is going to get hit in the mouth. Make sure you’re the one doing all the hitting. But if you so happened to get hit and knocked down, be on your way up before you hit the ground!”

Brad Johnson (1989: FSU 24, Miami 10) – “Dexter Carter scored on a toss play (37-yard run) left called ‘L 46.’ It was the loudest I had ever heard Doak Campbell sound.”

Keith Jones: Going against the grain, Jones picked the 1980 game where the Seminoles lost 10-9 in the Orange Bowl. FSU scored a touchdown late and went for two, but Rick Stockstill’s two-point conversion pass was knocked down. “If we would have beaten Miami we would have played Georgia for the national championship,” Jones said.

Bill Ragans (1989: FSU 24, Miami 10) – “Beating Miami at home in 89′.  That night might be the loudest I’ve ever heard in Doak!”

Dave Roberts (1989: FSU 24, Miami 10) – “No doubt. We were underdogs that game after losing earlier in the season to Clemson and Southern Miss. It was sweet revenge for the bad loss in ’88 and although they ended up winning the National Championship because we had two losses, after we killed Nebraska in the Fiesta Bowl most people thought we were the best team in the country and Miami will always have that loss on their record.”

Mark Salva (1989: FSU 24, Miami 10) – “I like ’93 for the reasons on the podcast.  I like ’89 because losing in ’87 and ’88 were both painful for different reasons. The win was cathartic, it exorcised a lot of demons. I think it elevated our profile, too. It’s funny how things cycle. We won at LSU and Auburn before that Miami game and I can’t remember hardly anything about those games.”

Clay Shiver (1993: FSU 28, Miami 10) – “Young offensive line with something to prove from last year when we got embarrassed up front. Big plays by Sean Jackson and Matt Frier set the stage for Devin Bush pick 6 to seal it. At least that’s the way I remember it.”

Barry Smith (1970: FSU 27, Miami 3) – “Easy choice! 49 years ago. No, it’s wasn’t an epic matchup, but it was the very first time I played in the historic Orange Bowl. ‘Noles won and I caught a TD in front of the hometown fans! Sweet memory!”

Kurt Unglaub (1978: FSU 31, Miami 21) – “In the Orange Bowl. Beating Miami for the first time in a long time on their home field. We played well in all parts of the game. Solid win, huge confidence builder for the program in the future.”

Tony Yeomans (1989: FSU 24, Miami 10) – 1989. “Beating them when they were No. 1. Dexter Carter putting the penalty flag on Bernard Clark’s head.”

Osceola writer Patrick Burnham contributed to this story

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