Memory lane: Peter Warrick on picking FSU, teammates, ’99 title

Peter Warrick is one of the best football players to ever step foot on Florida State’s campus. And while he’s widely remembered for his discounted shopping trip, he’s fondly recalled for returning to school as a senior in 1999. And for hauling in a difficult catch with a defensive back’s arm across him and helping the Seminoles win the Sugar Bowl and the national title.

Warrick joined former FSU defensive back Chris Hope for “Sod Talk” on Saturday before the Syracuse game. The Osceola has more from Hope here. Below are highlights of Warrick’s reflections on his FSU career.

Why did you pick FSU?

Warrick: My mom got pregnant with me. And she wanted to come to Florida State. Her dream stopped because she had me. That was the reason why I came to Florida State.

How important a figure was Bobby Bowden in your life?

Warrick: Coming from Bradenton, I didn’t have a father figure. When I got here, coach Bowden was that guy that you could go to and talk to outside of just football. He was the person that we all looked up to. You can tell still to this day everybody loves coach Bowden. Without him a lot of us wouldn’t be where we’re at.

You played with some great receivers in your time at FSU. Tell us about those guys.

(Warrick lists off a large group, including E.G. Green, Andre Cooper, Ron Dugans, Snoop Minnis, Anquan Boldin, Randy Moss, Laveranues Coles.)

Warrick: When you got those guys like that it’s kind of hard to miss practice. When you miss practice guys behind you take your position. We took it to a higher level by competing every day. Going up against guys like Reggie Durden, Tay Cody and Mario Edwards and Chris Hope. Every day we took it to a higher level just by competing. That’s why we became great.

Reflect on the last touchdown of the 1999 national championship game with Virginia Tech.

Warrick: They was too close. All I was thinking about was we lost the year before to Tennessee and how I was not going to let that happen again. I know it wasn’t all about me but at that moment, I wanted to make a play. So I went to coach B, and asked him, ‘Can I get the ball?’ Honestly, I asked him, ‘Can I finish them?’ and he said, ‘Yes.’ And he said, you know he don’t know no names, he said, ‘Give the ball to No. 9.’ And we threw it deep and Thank God it was a catch.

What are your memories of relationships with teammates here at FSU?

Warrick: It was amazing, you know, coming in in ’95, just playing with everybody out here, it was just amazing. Not only were we a football team, but we were a family. We all came through Burt Reynolds (Hall). And Burt Reynolds was the place where everybody, you can come talk about everything, you could talk bad about somebody, but they don’t go outside of Burt Reynolds. And that’s how we became a family by the camaraderie that we had and just being together and being as one. And playing with them was the best thing that ever happened to me.

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  1. Mic Rose

    Peter Warrick isn’t widely remembered for “his discounted shopping trip”. He’s remembered as the best player on an undefeated National championship that was a consensus #1 pre and post season. I would expect a subtle jab like this from a national sporting platform but not one that’s geared for us diehard Nole fans. Shame.

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