Memory lane: Derrick Brooks, Walter Jones join Norvell on chat

FSU legends Derrick Brooks and Walter Jones joined coach Mike Norvell on his weekly Zoom football chat on Thursday afternoon.

Brooks told some all-time great stories on defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews and Bobby Bowden in a discussion led by Associate Athletics Director for Communications Rob Wilson.

The first story, on Andrews, was Brooks recalling a time early in his career when he was beat on a play-action pass in practice. The quarterback fooled him and Andrews chewed out Brooks, telling him that he should go to the bus station, buy a one-way ticket to Pensacola on Andrews’ credit card and that the coach would FedEx his belongings back to him.

Brooks was frustrated by what Andrews said and recounted the story to his mom. She responded: “You know what, son? Don’t get beat on the play-action pass!”

His story on Bowden was recalling him earning a C in a Biology class. It was the first C that Brooks had earned in his life. “I think I’m getting in trouble,” Brooks recalled. “He has my mom on speakerphone. But I don’t know.” Bowden tells Brooks that he is disappointed in him and that he expects better. And if he ever gets another C, he would call Brooks’ mom. Bowden hits the button on his phone, and Brooks’ mom goes off on her son. When Bowden hangs up the phone, Brooks promises his head coach that he will never get another C again.

Wilson asked Brooks about the best players he ever went against and said he meant no disrespect to players on Florida and Miami but, “The best player I ever faced was in practice and that’s Charlie Ward. … It doesn’t get any better than going against Charlie Ward in practice. Now coach Bowden wasn’t going to let us touch him.”

Jones transferred to FSU from junior college and recalled the challenges in practice of going up against the likes of defensive ends like Peter Boulware and Reinard Wilson. “Those guys gave me fits every day in practice.” After practice, games were “easy.”

The full video interview is posted on UnconqueredMagazine.com.

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