Live updates: Norvell, coordinators reflect on UM, preview BC

Florida State coach Mike Norvell and coordinators met with the media on Monday to reflect on Saturday’s win and preview the game at Boston College on Saturday (noon on ACC Network).

Mike Norvell

Norvell begins by saying it “was a wonderful night” and was the kind of win and performance that FSU and its players needed.

Norvell takes time to thank the fans and season-ticket holders for their support on Saturday against Miami as well as throughout 2021.

He praises a number of players, including Jordan Travis, Jermaine Johnson and Omarion Cooper.

Now, FSU takes the next step at Boston College. He comments that BC has its quarterback on the field again after he lost time due to injury.

On Jermaine Johnson, Norvell says when your best players are your hardest workers it can be an example for future classes. They see that work ethic. “It’s a great example for our young guys,” Norvell said. As Norvell has emphasized for most of 2021, he mentions again that bringing Johnson in was not just about production but about leadership.

Norvell reflects on “poise and control” of emotions within the game. He discusses holding a meeting with the team and emphasizing some past plays. Norvell mentions the swing of momentum with Miami’s rally but he felt the sideline response was not hanging heads. He said players were able to stay focused in the moment, mentions that the Seminoles were not able to do so at Clemson.

On the fourth-and-14 throw, Norvell said it speaks to Jordan Travis’ development. “He made those decisive throws into tight windows.” Game on the line, he made the throw. “That’s the growth that you need to see.” Coaching staff has made it a talking point throughout 2021, but emphasizing Travis is still very young in terms of game experience. (Now 287 career passes, 57.8 completion percentage in career but 64.1 percent completion in 2021.)

Norvell asked about Travis’ injury/health as well as that of players. He doesn’t clarify but says the staff will see how the week goes.

Norvell said recruits got to see the passion and energy from players but also what a big, game day atmosphere at Doak looks like.

When asked about Omarion Cooper, Norvell said the freshman has played hard and learned well after missing a few weeks of preseason camp. Also mentions the staff got a good read on Cooper from his high school coach, James Chaney, who played at FSU.

Norvell praises the defense for matching up well in coverage was well as how the Seminoles stuffed the run. Admits FSU got hit on the wheel route a few times but overall sounds pleased with the confidence and growth from the defense.

Asked about a big hug from Odell Haggins, Norvell says he shook me in places I didn’t know I could be shook. Norvell also mentions the high number of FSU alumni players who were on the sideline to share in the moment.

Kenny Dillingham

Dillingham praises Jordan Travis for improving his footwork as he evolves as a passer. He emphasizes he’s more than a runner. Dillingham: I think he believes in himself and that’s one of the most important things.

Dillingham is asked about Andrew Parchment, says it’s hard to adapt to the culture and the scheme. He says that moment will be remembered forever. “You’re now stamped in the history of Florida State forever.”

Dillingham says the throw to Parchment that missed was miscommunication.

The game plan was very much to run efficiently and with some explosion. FSU had a number of chunk plays on the ground, even through the run game finished with just a 3.3-yard average. Dillingham says the run will be a staple of what they want to do.

Dillingham got a little choked up discussing the offense and the postgame celebration. He is later asked about it and said it is a special group of players.

Dillingham asked about BC. He said the Eagles do a good job of showing versatility within the game. The structure week to week looks the same but they adjust on the fly.

Dillingham says if you kick the field goal you are playing to win the game.

Adam Fuller

Fuller said he felt good about the week of preparation. He felt FSU’s first six drives “you might not be able to play better.”

Omarion Cooper’s recruitment was mostly over Zoom. Fuller said he knew a number of the high school coaches in southwest Florida. Cooper has always been humble and has been the guy they recruited. “He has an extremely high ceiling.”

Sensing a theme with responses to Jermaine Johnson questions. Fuller: When your best players are the hardest workers that sets the tone for everybody.

Fuller said the run lanes closed quickly, FSU’s front condensed quickly. He feels they handled the ground game well.

Jarvis Brownlee had good coverage on Charleston Rambo, who was targeted often. Cooper made the most of opportunities.

Fuller said they are constantly evaluating the freshmen, projecting what they have done, how far they can go, do they need to shift positions.

Fuller says BC is under center a little more than current teams. It allows them to run downhill. They’ve done well of late with the return of Phil Jurkovec back on the field at quarterback.

Fuller: The greatest reward of coaching is to see the players and staff be excited about the results but knowing it’s due to the hard work. He enjoyed seeing the energy from fans and family members of the players, mentions seeing people outside the Bowden statue late after the game on Saturday night.

John Papuchis

Papuchis said he tried to stay even keel emotionally after the game. He wanted to watch the players celebrate and then looked for his kids.

Norvell didn’t need to go to Fitzgerald to see about his mindset late in the game, to kick the field goal that would cut the score to 28-23. He felt it was a “great call,” admitting that it also worked. Liked putting the opportunity in front of the defense to make the stop.

On Fitzgerald’s 52-yarder, Papuchis said the kicker just didn’t hit the ball squarely enough. Feels confident in his leg strength.

Papuchis says Mastromanno hasn’t had a touchback on a “sky” punt, which pins a team deep.

He says Jermaine Johnson’s mindset was to make the “absolute most of the opportunity” in front of him. He showed early signs of wanting to be a leader. This game was important to him, in Papuchis’ view because he felt Johnson wanted to leave a legacy at Florida State.

Papuchis also saw the emotion of Johnson when Jordan Travis punched it in the end zone. He saw a culmination of work for Johnson and the enjoyment of team success.

Asked about the matchup with BC, he says the Eagles run the ball well and FSU has done well stopping the run. “It’s going to be a violent, physical football game.”