Live updates: Norvell, coordinators preview Miami

Florida State coach Mike Norvell and the coordinators meet with the media on Mondays. This week they will discuss the 28-14 loss to NC State as well as preview the game against Miami.

Mike Norvell

Inefficiency in the first half offensively pushed the defense. Time of possession was off because of it.

Players bounced back on Sunday in practice. Norvell thinks he will get some guys back from the flu this week in preparation for Miami. It’s senior day, too.

On tackling: We’re seeing some real steps within the defense. Limiting big plays. Third-down defense has been improved. He wants to see better fundamentals, running feet through contact, play with the eyes. Doesn’t want to use flu or other reasons as an excuse.

On Jordan Travis’ availability: Norvell says we will see was the week progresses. Said he was in bad shape last week.

It’s the first time Norvell will be on the sideline for a rivalry game. I’m excited about being a part of this game. You think about what these games mean to players, coaches, fans.

On FSU-Miami: You take all records out of it. It’s what we do this week. There’s going to be a ton of passion, ton of excitement.

On Miami QB Tyler Van Dyke: He has really hurt people with his legs. He has good speed. You see the arm strength and how he has been able to locate the ball down the field. He also praises Charleston Rambo as one of the best receivers in the ACC.

Norvell said Chubba Purdy came to him on Tuesday and said he had talked with the family about the decision to transfer. Coach said he was shocked by it. Purdy had been out on Monday with the flu. Norvell says he wishes Purdy well and says it’s a new age of college football with the transfer portal.

Follow-up question about Purdy, and Norvell says he “wants to be real” with players about where they are and their future as a player and how they fit within the program. Also says he’s happy to have the transfers who chose to leave a program and come to FSU.

Norvell says the roster in 2022 is in flux as far as the extra year players received in 2020 due to COVID, impacts the dynamics of recruiting, how many transfers you take. Again says “it’s a new age in college football.” Says you need to adapt.

Tate Rodemaker got more work with the first and second teams as well as the scout team in practice. Norvell said he sees the positive growth from Rodemaker, notably in the Sunday practices when younger players get the chance to show what they can do.

Kenny Dillingham

Dillingham said FSU struggled in the first half and made a drastic change, used drastically wider splits on the line. Said you can’t live in those splits but it helped create some explosiveness in the second half.

Football comes down to 1-on-1s and finding the best matchup. Dillingham diplomatic in not critiquing the receivers.

Dillingham said Miami’s talent is on par with Clemson. Sees talent at all three levels. Mentions they’ve had missed tackles that have impacted their performance.

Regarding Purdy, Dillingham has a similar response as Norvell. He said the staff is honest and gives a player his opinion on his future. He said he’s rooting for him to be successful in his next school.

Asked again about receivers, Dillingham explains various ways how he can coach guys better. Thinks the coaches must coach them better to beat man coverage.

Rodemaker is a “plus athlete” but Dillingham says you have to realize it doesn’t mean what you can do from high school will translate on the field in college. He said Rodemaker is learning when not to force things, when to throw the ball away.

Adam Fuller

On Keir Thomas, he has been shifting inside on typical pass downs. He’s about 70 precent on the edge but 30 percent on the interior on third-down situations or long-yardage situations.

Fuller said the defense was not good enough to win. He said the coaches have shown the positives and what has gone wrong. Tries to be honest and transparent with what the coaches saw. “It wasn’t drives, it was chunk plays.”

Fuller says they coach the effort, intent and technique. Then wants to put the guys out there that do it. Some of those missed tackles showed up and went for big chunk plays. “Wish we could have had a few of them back. … usually you can overcome missed tackles with pursuit.”

On Van Dyke, Fuller says he is playing with a lot of confidence. The Hurricanes keep it clean and spread the offense out, Fuller said. “He’s offered a big spark to that football program.”

Rambo is an outside receiver. Fuller: For the most part you know where he is going to line up. He’s made a lot of 1-on-1 plays. Says the Hurricanes have created a lot of explosives.

John Papuchis

Papuchis said they are willing to return from deep in their own end, saying FSU is “heels at the 7” yard line.

When asked about the onside attempt, Norvell told Papuchis early in the week he wanted to have something ready. He wants to take advantage of the opportunity, Papuchis said. The execution was well done. “We needed a spark.”

Papuchis said he can tell by Keir Thomas’ posture that he’s ready to go, to play his hometown team this week. He wants him to be excited to play but doesn’t want it to take him out of what he normally would do.

There has been consistency in who FSU has played on defense the last month or more, that continuity has allowed the group to play better overall. Papuchis thinks the defense hasn’t shown its full potential.