Live updates: Norvell, coordinators preview Clemson

Florida State coach Mike Norvell as well as coordinators Kenny Dillingham, Adam Fuller and John Papuchis take a look back at FSU’s rout of UMass and preview the Clemson game on Saturday.

Mike Norvell

Norvell opens by discussing the opportunity to play younger guys.

He’s happy with how the players responded after the fumbled kickoff and an early drop. Norvell wants to have a mindset for the importance of every play. He said the margins are very slim in the games ahead.

Norvell: There are things we need to improve on, mentions consistency overall.

Norvell sees the complementary football that is being played. Guys are more consistently executing in moments (mentions third downs, red zone, etc.). Players are taking pride and ownership in that. Also mentions a low number of penalties.

Norvell: This is a team that is building in confidence. I like the direction we’re headed. “I believe it is a new team.”

On Clemson’s defense: They just don’t give up points. “They’re phenomenal in the red zone.” Tigers don’t give up explosive plays. Norvell thinks Clemson is the best tackling team FSU has/will play.

Norvell said he loved seeing the team swarm Jarvis Brownlee after the pick six, not just the defense. Same on Jordan Young’s touchdown, not just the offense but the full team.

Norvell says Clemson is a talented group, praises them for finding ways to win some tight games. Says they have set a standard in the conference for the last 8-10 years.

Regardless of who is Clemson’s quarterback, Norvell sees playmakers on offense.

The kickoff coverage “was not good” against UMass. Not one specific thing that showed up but he mentions missed tackles. Says they will continue to evaluate personnel. Knows they can’t give up big yardage on opponent return game.

Norvell said offensive tackle Lloyd Willis jumped out to him, showing physicality and effort. he also thought quarterback Chubba Purdy managed his drives well. “He was pretty clean,” Norvell said of Purdy. “He needed that game. … I’m excited that he got that opportunity and what he did with the opportunity.”

No real update on guards Dillan Gibbons or Devontay Love-Taylor. Norvell says he’ll see how both progress.

He speaks to what linemen have done, playing through ailments and playing multiple positions. “It’s been a challenge,” Norvell said.

Norvell discussing Jarvis Brownlee and their relationship. Says with a smile that Brownlee needs a little extra love. Brownlee said on Saturday that he hasn’t always liked or understood how / why Norvell has pushed him.

When asked about the lack of penalties the last four games, Norvell says “there is a way you play winning football. … It’s impressive.” He says players are aware of how many penalties were committed when they practice on Tuesday as they know coaches what will reinforce in the way of those mistakes.

Kenny Dillingham

Dillingham said Travis had three “throw aways” so he was 5 for 7 overall. He’s happy with how the Seminoles overcame the shortcomings in the first couple drives, then got rolling.

A trend in an upward direction is hard work

Purdy was a completely different quarterback. Offense was able to open up the playbook, use the RPO. There was a calmness about him that was not there last year, he feels.

Dillingham says Clemson is loaded with talent on defense. Continuity of the staff and having a specific plan week to week of how they want to attack an opposing offense.

When asked about the younger players, he begins by mentioning they were calm and did not commit pre-snap penalties as checks were being called at the line. There was no panic.

Dillingham says Milton wants to compete and win. But Milton said he wanted to see the young quarterbacks play. Milton isn’t trying to be a mentor or coach, in Dillingham’s view. It’s natural to Milton, how he acts.

Dillingham thinks FSU, as well as other offenses, won’t be able to be methodical in how they move down the field. There need to be some 1-on-1 wins and explosive plays.

Dillingham thinks FSU has been as multiple on offense, using various personnel packages and formations, as Clemson has been on defense. He again praises what Venables has done and has achieved by morphing what it does week to week.

FSU has had success running the ball in October. He mentions health along OL, Jordan Travis’ mobility, staying out of bad down-and-distance situations with decreased penalties.

Lawrance Toafili could have an elevated role down the stretch this season. They like how explosive he is and need to get the ball to him. (Sounds almost like it’s using his versatility as a receiver just as much as a runner.)

Adam Fuller

He thinks Jarvis Brownlee has come a long way. You still see lapses in his game. Spotlight is on him at corner. The Sunday-Friday preparation will translate on the field on Saturdays.

Jammie Robinson has fared well at multiple positions. The end-zone interception was a critical play in the game. He has to rep the coverage of routes in practice as a nickel and safety in practice. The development of Kevin Knowles has helped Robinson settle in at safety.

Fuller thinks the development of young players will be expedited by how much playing time they got on Saturdays.

Jarrett Jackson is physically gifted. He’s just so big and athletic.

Fuller says there is a building of confidence and a mentality there that has helped them prevent a big play from then becoming a second or third big play in succession.

Fuller says Clemson overnight just didn’t stop having good players.

FSU will have a game plan for both quarterbacks as Clemson coach Dabo Swinney hasn’t committed to a starter for Saturday.

John Papuchis

Papuchis said they are evaluating personnel daily and looking at options, do you have the right guys in the right spots on kick coverage and other special teams units.

Papuchis mentions they have had 3-4 guys line up as kick and punt returners but they have not been able to get reps consistently.

He mentions Quashon Fuller, Patrick Payton and Marcus Cushnie as linemen who were able to get some significant reps in the game. He liked the impact that Cushnie offered. Payton didn’t look out of place, knew what he was supposed to do.

Clemson is very sound in what they do on special teams. There isn’t fluff. They play hard and they play fast.