Live updates: Norvell, coordinators on Louisville, preview Syracuse

FSU coach Mike Norvell and the coordinators speak to the media on Monday. Below are some updates:

Mike Norvell

The continued struggle of third down and fourth down are really hurting us.

Norvell: Defensively in the second half “played lights out.” No big scheme changes. “Better job in communication.”

On FSU’s 0-4 start: It hurts and it’s painful to be where we are right now.

What he is proud of – Guys fight and continue to believe.

Norvell again using the line “with all the right intentions” players intend to execute the play but it is falling short as one of the 11 players make a mistake.

Norvell: Lack of production on fourth down is definitely something I look at and evaluate. There are some calls that you feel good about. Trust the preparation. When you’re 1 and 9 on fourth downs, you have to be right. Wants to be aggressive but also progressive.

On the fourth-and-3 trick play call with Milton looking to the sideline: “Ultimately, I’d like to have that call back — and it was mine.”

Norvell: Jashaun Corbin is a clear playmaker. Likes using a mix of Corbin and Treshaun Ward.

Keyshawn Helton was up on the punt that rolled for 73 yards in part because of FSU’s staff saw Louisville hitting some shorter punts. What resulted was a 50-yard punt that then went over Helton’s head. On the late punt, Norvell does not want a returner to stand on the 10-yard line as punters have done a good job the last few years of pinning opponents inside the 5-yard line. Norvell wanted the fair catch in that instance.

Norvell says Maurice Smith is “getting closer” to returning to play. Worth mentioning that we have seen Smith participating in practice but he has not played in the last three games. Norvell doesn’t get very specific with defensive tackle Fabien Lovett.

This may be a regular meeting on Sundays, but Mike Norvell says he and the team council met last night. “The values, the work, these guys want to be successful.” Mistakes haven’t been hard to spot. Norvell references an instance where he says to players not to look at the scoreboard and focus on the next play.

“This team, it shows up and it goes to work.” Norvell says the team hasn’t put out a good performance for a full three-and-a-half hours. But he agrees with the comment that “you are what your record says you are.”

Norvell asked a few questions about the message to recruits and says the obvious – they watch the games. Mentions a few things: Players are the best recruiters, telling prospects about how they are coached and developed. But he also wants recruits who are committed to the growth of the program. Norvell as part of a lengthy response, “I’m pissed off that we’re 0-4.” Toward the end of a passionate response, “Who wants to be part of the solution?”

Kenny Dillingham

Said FSU had 450 yards of offense, just one turnover and a couple penalties. Laments some issues on first down that resulted in negatives and put the Seminoles behind the chains. “We got to put it all together.”

We are having some explosive plays in the run game, a few in the pass game. Dillingham said FSU needs to be more explosive since there is less efficiency.

Dillingham says the running backs need to get the ball more and in more creative ways. Said he likes the unbalanced line where Ward scored the touchdown. “We have to do more of it.”

Corbin is playing “unbelievable. He is deceptively past.” He has the ability to make one guy miss.

Similar to Norvell, Dillingham says guys are fighting and he hates losing but guys are working hard and didn’t quit when down 31-7. Says the players and coaches need to continue to believe and fight.

Syracuse is good at stopping the run. Very good with five-man pressure. Defensive coordinator (Tony White) causes chaos. Everything is predicated off stopping the run and creating havoc.

Adam Fuller

“It was really bad in the first half.” He said Louisville did very little differently in the second half. Small picture, it’s third downs. Says FSU has to get off the field.

Fuller said he’s sick of learning lessons through failure.

Fuller says it is a simple formula to success. What complicates is the human element and the need to have success. Third-down stops in second half can build momentum.

On defending the run: I am proud of the way we are building walls and compressing space.

John Papuchis

On the punt return where Helton was too far in, Papuchis says the obvious that it flipped the field on them.

On the late punt where Helton fair caught on the 6 he says the proliferation of punters being able to pin deep or Aussie punters being so good that you now want to field it at the 7 or so.

Two misses by Ryan Fitzgerald (field goal and extra point) were very technical in nature.

Papuchis said he is “fairly pleased” with coverage units.

Derrick McLendon and Quason Fuller have developed well. “Each week they’ve gotten a little bit better. Mentions that McLendon works very hard in practice.

Papuchis – Keir Thomas played his best game. Counted three hurries for Thomas.

Papuchis says he “appreciates the maturity” of the defensive line group. Mentions not just Thomas and Jermaine Johnson but the older defensive tackles. “Regardless of circumstance in the game they don’t seem fazed by what’s happening.”