Leavitt to earn $80K as part of deal with FSU

Former South Florida coach Jim Leavitt will earn $80,000 under a contract signed with Florida State, according to records released to the media on Wednesday afternoon.

Leavitt will be a senior defensive analyst for FSU, helping defensive coordinator Harlon Barnett and the staff. He will earn $3,065.13 on a biweekly payment schedule.

His one-page agreement indicates the deal will end on Aug. 7, 2020.

The timing of the expiration would leave the door open for Leavitt to remain at FSU in a full-time role ahead of the 2020 season.

Leavitt agreed to the deal on Sept. 11. His first day on the FSU practice field is thought to have been the next day as the Seminoles prepared for a game with Virginia.


  1. joseph johnston

    WT should consider using his backup QB quickly. it seems to me, a limited vision follower, that Blackman tends to get nervous when he has to hurry and generally throws the ball into the ground. maybe a little more “coaching up” might help. do not see a lot of that YET this year. looks like we miss out on another bowl game this year. way to go Willie. you are making new records in WRONG direction. GO NOLES
    joe Johnston (class of 78)

  2. Jerry Kutz

    You may get your wish today if Hornibrook does play.
    I know I am an optimist but I’m going to hold out hope FSU wins the next two at home and go to 3-2 with a solid chance to still win 7 and go to a bowl game. The only team I hold no hope to beat is Clemson. I really feel like if this defense was just average, we’d be 3-0 and talking really proud about our chances against Miami and Florida. Can Leavitt help Barnett get this defense to just average? We’ll see but I can make a case.
    I can be very critical of some aspects of the program but I’ll also give Taggart credit for making coaching changes that have allowed his team to improve on special teams – 180 degrees better than last year — and by bringing in Briles, Clements and Dugans who have eliminated many of the problems we saw on offense last year.
    A win – the 300th in Doak — just might begin to turn this aircraft carrier from the WRONG direction to the RIGHT direction.

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