It’s crystal clear, 2020 ACC predictions lack 20-20 vision

It’s the time of year again. Two weeks before the kickoff of college football, at least in the ACC, for the 2020 season. And while most things have changed surrounding college football since mid-March, there is still plenty of speculation, conjecture and prognostication surrounding the sport as the boys of fall get set to hit the field on Sept. 12.

With that in mind the Osceola staff decided to publish its own prediction for the how the ACC season will play out this year with our own preseason poll. With the addition of Notre Dame to the conference this season we ranked every team in the league from 1-15. The No. 1-ranked team in each voter’s poll got 15 points, No. 2 got 14 points, and so on all the way to the 15th-ranked team with 1 point. The top two teams in each person’s poll are also their picks to play in the ACC championship game this season since there is no divisional play in the ACC this season. The maximum number of points that could be earned in the voting for any one team was 75.

And as you might expect with this particular calendar year there is a bit of irony with these predictions. Because most teams, including FSU, got in very few days, if any, of spring practice earlier this year and the media’s limited access, if any, to practices across the country this fall, there has never been a more blurred view of the outlook of a college football season for writers, analysts and prognosticators at all levels than the view we have in 2020.

Editor’s note: We’ve shown you our predictions. Now please, go to our message board and show us your ranking from 1-15.

  1. Clemson (75 points)
  2. Notre Dame (68)
  3. North Carolina (65)
  4. Louisville (55)
  5. Florida State (54)
  6. Virginia Tech (49)
  7. Miami (47)
  8. Pittsburgh (42)
  9. Virginia (33)
  10. Wake Forest (33)
  11. Duke (21)
  12. NC State (18)
  13. Syracuse (17)
  14. Georgia Tech (15)
  15. Boston College (8)

As far as the ACC Championship game predictions went:

Clemson vs. Notre Dame (3 votes)

Clemson vs. North Carolina (2 votes)


  1. Dan Densmore

    Notre Dame
    Florida State
    NC State
    Georgia Tech
    Boston College

  2. Dan Densmore

    UNC over-rated. FSU, UL, and VT could flip those positions

  3. TlhChief

    That looks like 7-4 for the Noles. I’ll take that and be very happy with Norvell’s first season!

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