The new owner is a very familiar face: Jerry Kutz

The two conversations in December 2017 couldn’t have been more different.

One left me at a loss for words. One provided hope.

My boss at Landmark was the first phone call. He is a good man, a person who hired me and allowed me to make consequential decisions for more than three years as the Osceola’s editor. But he admitted that Landmark Community Newspapers, the Osceola’s owner, wasn’t in it for the long term and was interested in selling the Osceola.

A few weeks later, my iPhone rang and a name popped up: Jerry Kutz. I smiled. After a few quick hellos, Jerry asked me a loaded question about the Osceola – a publication he launched in 1982 but had not been a part of since 1999 – when he asked, “What’s going on with the Osceola?”

I laughed. I rambled and painted a picture of the Osceola that needed more than ownership. There was no vision for the Osceola. I told him that I had been meaning to call him for advice. But the Osceola really needed more than just advice.

That’s what makes me proud to write this: Jerry Kutz is the owner of the Osceola again. And his vision – his thoughts blended with conversations with friends, colleagues and fans – for the Osceola is for subscribers to read about FSU athletics, the business of college sports and exciting fan experiences.

One of my favorite words is perspective. Take a look at a topic, take a walk around it, see it from all people involved. Lay out those viewpoints, explain the “why.” That’s the story.

And with Jerry, he’s always sought the why. And tried to to convey his knowledge to FSU fans. Jerry’s perspective is priceless.

He was born and raised in Miami, went to high school in Brevard County and graduated from the FSU College of Business (1974) with an MBA (1975). He went to work in the computer industry in Central Florida, joined the Boosters, bought season tickets and was instantly appalled by the Orlando Sentinel’s seeming love affair with the Gators. Minimal coverage of FSU’s 1980 win over No. 4 Nebraska was the final straw and, by 1982, the Osceola was born.

Jerry is an FSU fan even though many view him as an “insider” because of his work experience with the Osceola and then Seminole Boosters, Inc. He challenges himself daily to think like our fans, who sacrifice so much to support the progam, especially those who live outside Tallahassee. More than 70 percent of FSU’s season ticket holders and Boosters and nearly 90 percent of our Osceola subscribers live more than 100 miles from town.

Bobby Bowden and athletic director Hootie Ingram gave Osceola’s first editor, Steve Ellis, and Jerry open door access to the program. They wanted Jerry and Steve to get the story right, so they granted access, a privilege The Osceola constantly had to earn to retain. They had access to every practice, every workout. They allowed Jerry and Steve to watch film with the coaches, “Not because they liked us,” Jerry said, “but in hopes we would manage to get the story right.”

And they drank all they could from that well. They learned about the X’s and O’s and the Johnnies and Joes. But more than that, they learned about the lives of the coaches and the players and how to interact as reporters in order to deliver news to readers.

Did they have conflicts? You bet. Coach Bowden, or another of his staff, would challenge facts when they weren’t right, or in how The Osceola was covering the program. “Coach Bowden maintained the relationship with us because the Osceola was the channel for him to talk to our readers, who he knew were his supporters,” Jerry said.

When Jerry sold the Osceola in 1999, he was offered an opportunity to work for then President Sandy D’Alemberte. He took the opportunity to work inthe FSU communications department and gained perspectives he hadn’t had as a reporter. A few months later Athletic Director Dave Hart and Seminole Booster President Andy Miller asked if Jerry would like to work with one or both of them in athletics and the Boosters.

For the next 19 years, Jerry worked for Miller in Seminole Boosters, handling communications, marketing, fundraising, fan experiences, ticket priority, capital campaigns and special projects, like the renovation of Doak and the construction of the Champions Club. Often those projects were collaborations with athletics – some more seamlessly than others – so he learned a perspective on tickets, compliance, athletic budgets, game day operations, facility construction and maintenance and a lot more. 

There’s that word again: perspective. Jerry will bring his experience and is happy to answer your questions, often with disarming candor.

He’s also developed a plan (more here in his column) for who we would hire and how we would cover not just FSU’s teams but the business side of athletics as well as the fans’ viewpoint.


  1. Susie Moore

    This is fabulous news for both The Osceola and the fans!

  2. Jerry Kutz

    Thanks Susie. You remember when I was first started planning it in 1981? You, you mom and dad and Steve and Mike and I would sit out by the pool at the Southernaire and talk about FSU. Miss your dad and Steve. Say hay to your mom. Great road trips in the motorhome. Great times to come too.

  3. Al

    I’m so happy that The Osceola is coming back!! I will be happy to help out when I retire in January.

  4. Karen Ellis

    Exciting news for everyone involved. I know you always put your heart into everything you do. Steve is watching from above and cheering you on. Can’t wait to read your first product

  5. Jerry Kutz

    Thanks. You know Steve is. Always observing. His memory is my guiding hand. Huge influence. I know you miss him too. What you will find heart warming is the response we’ve received from so many former Osceola employees who worked with Steve and I over the years. Roger Smith, Barbara Burnham, Rick Jones, Tom Block, Jim Henry, Jim Lamar, Dan Pearson, Kim Kearce, Dena Davis, Melanie McCullough, Nick Gandy, Jim Crosby, Gil Williams… lots of people who were influenced by your man.

  6. Jerry Kutz

    You still planning to come to Tally or stay in Miami?

  7. Bob Ferrante

    Hello, Karen. Hope you are well. Throughout this re-launch of the Osceola, we’ve thought about Steve daily and his name comes up frequently as we discuss the type of reporting we want to bring for FSU athletics. We miss him so much but know that he’s watching and reading.

  8. Jim Crosby

    Hi Karen,
    Let me second what Jerry and Bob said concerning Steve. When I used to sit next to him in the baseball press box during games I probably learned more from him about what was going on in FSU sports than I would in a dozen interviews. He was always reliable, the consummate professional. He was always one of my most popular guests on the radio call-in show when he worked for the Osceola and then the Democrat. That show was a forerunner and trend-setter for today’s shows. Yes, we all still miss him.
    Jim Crosby

  9. Sarah Kutz

    Hi uncle Jerry 😀

  10. Jerry Kutz


  11. Tom Omalley

    What’s up Jerry? It’s Tom O’Malley 88’. I came across this site and figured I’d try to catch up with you and talk about some good ole times!!! I’m back up in CT and I’m looking to get back in the loop and I know your the man when it comes to that! Lol!!!

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