In their own words: ‘Noles reflect on favorite wins at Doak

Doak Campbell Stadium opened on Oct. 7, 1950, and Florida State fans watched the Seminoles knock off Randolph-Macon 40-7.

It was the first of 299 victories in Doak. FSU goes for win No. 300 on Saturday against Louisville at 3:30 p.m. (ESPN).

The Osceola staff wanted to catch up with former Seminoles and asked a simple question: What was your favorite win at Doak? Some of the responses were predictable – wins over rivals like Miami and Florida were popular picks. But there are many others and the stories behind the wins are chronicled below, in the Seminoles’ own words.

Chad Abram

Nov. 13, 2010 (FSU 16, Clemson 13): “My favorite win at Doak Campbell was a game I didn’t even play in. It was my freshman year when Clemson came to town. We ended up winning that game when Dustin Hopkins kicked the field goal at the end of regulation. This game stands out the most for me because the week prior to the Clemson game we had lost to UNC that ended with D. Hop missing the game-winning field goal. Dustin’s locker was in the same segment as mine so after that game I saw how devastated he was and even though we all encouraged him to keep his head up and told him that he’s not to blame for the loss, you could still see that he faulted himself for the loss. I felt terrible. We all did. But we got to redeem ourselves the following week against one of our biggest rivals. And we did just that. And even better Dustin kicked a 55-yard field goal to win the game and we all cleared the bench to celebrate. That was one of the best games of my life.”

Brian Allen

Nov. 18, 2000 (No. 3 FSU 30, No. 4 Florida 7): It was the last time I would suit up at Doak, finalizing the most remarkable experience of my life next to the marriage of my wife and the birth of my three daughters. Second because it was a victory over a team that overlooked me as a high school linebacker at Columbia High School and I learned quickly “to do what your momma raise you to do, whip a damn Gator!” (Allen said defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews would say this pregame.)

Enzo Armella

Sept. 24, 1994 (No. 3 FSU 31, No. 13 North Carolina 18: “When my knee was blown out by friendly fire (Steve Gilmer) I inspired my teammates and the 80,000 fans by doing the chop flat on my back on the cart to the ambulance. The injury was career-ending. It was my last start at Doak. And the center I was whipping was Jeff Saturday, who was Peyton Manning’s center for the Indianapolis Colts.”

Peter Boulware

Nov. 30, 1996 (No. 2 FSU 24, No. 1 Florida 21): “They were favored and had one of the top scoring offenses in the country. It was the loudest I’ve ever heard Doak.”

Dexter Carter

Oct. 28, 1989 (No. 6 FSU 24, No. 2 Miami 10): “Having not beaten them my first three seasons, my senior year, 1989, would prove to be magical. A 24-10 win and 142 yards rushing against a team that gave up only one 100-yard rusher all season and that player was me. Winning was the icing on the cake. That was a day long awaited. By the way, the fans were never louder than that night in Doak 1989 against Miami. They made the difference and inspired our play!”

Forrest Conoly

Oct. 9, 1993 (No. 1 FSU 28, No. 3 Miami 10): “The prior season I was coming off of ACL knee reconstruction and did not get to play in that (Miami) game I watched from the sideline angry, so when 1993 rolled around I was more than anxious get my taste of the rivalry. As opposed to being the third-team tackle behind two seniors I was now the starter. Brad Scott created a monster in our offensive line room. In the 1992 game I think we gave up nine sacks so at the beginning of each meeting and at the end of each meeting before practice we watched every sack on the tight copy and on the wide copy in slow motion. I think he even made us come back to the meeting room after practice before dinner and watch those sacks again. By the time the game finally was upon us I wanted to destroy their defensive line. We did and I was named ACC Offensive Lineman Of the Week.”

Keith Cottrell

Nov. 21, 1998 (No. 5 FSU 23, No. 4 Florida 12): “An easy one. Chris Weinke was out with his neck (injury) and no one outside of the locker-room believed in the Rooster (Marcus Outzen). Doug Johnson chucked the ball at Coach Bowden in the pregame fight. The 47 toss reverse X corner from Peter (Warrick) to (Ron) Dugans sealed the win. We avenged the loss from the previous year. Felt good.”

Warrick to Dugans. Touchdown, FSU

Dedrick Dodge

Oct. 28, 1989 (No. 6 FSU 24, No. 2 Miami 10): “Beating Miami in 1989, my senior year. It was memorable because it was the first time in my college career the team was able to win against Miami.”

William Floyd

Oct. 9, 1993 (No. 1 FSU 28, No. 3 Miami 10): “My favorite has to be FSU vs. UM in 1993. We would not be denied. We listened to “In The Air Tonight” (Phil Collins) all week. It ended up being our song for the season! We never trailed! Sean Jackson takes it to the house. Matt Frier rides out. Charlie (Ward) does what he does! Devin Bush seals it! I remember seeing myself in the (Tallahassee) Democrat sitting on the field looking at the scoreboard! I never wanted to forget it! Kicks cost me two national championships but we got one!”

Matt Frier

Oct. 9, 1993 (No. 1 FSU 28, No. 3 Miami 10): “My senior year when we beat Miami. I scored that 72-yard touchdown. It meant so much to me because we were such a close team and we worked as a team. I loved my teammates. We were such a special group.”

Todd Frier

Nov. 20, 1996 (No. 2 FSU 24, No. 1 Florida 21): “Florida was No. 1 and our defense rocked (Florida quarterback Danny) Wuerffel. “We won with a crazy, electric atmosphere. I remember how our students tore down the goal posts and everybody seemed to take a piece of the sod with them. Our field from that point on was in rough shape for years. I do remember thinking how I respected how Wuerffel kept getting up and competing after getting hit so hard.”

Nov. 21, 1998 (No. 5 FSU 23, No. 4 Florida 12): “Rooster (Marcus Outzen) was our QB and he played great. He made some clutch throws and some clutch runs. But I remember Pete (Warrick) catching the ball in the flats and putting the move on the UF corner and scored that sent us to the national championship.”

Andre Wadsworth hits Danny Wuerffel in the 1996 FSU-Florida game.

Kyler Hall

Sept. 5, 2005 (No. 14 FSU, 10, No. 9 Miami 7): “Mine would have to be 2005, Labor Day night, beating Miami. We hadn’t beaten Miami since 1999. It was a prime time game and Doak was absolutely rocking.”

Brad Johnson

Oct. 28, 1989 (No. 6 FSU 24, No. 2 Miami 10): “Dexter Carter scored on a toss play left called ‘L 46.’ It was the loudest I had ever heard Doak Campbell.”

Terrell Buckley forces a fumble in the 1989 FSU-Miami game

Greg Jones

Oct. 3, 2002 (No. 11 FSU 48, Clemson 31): “I’m from South Carolina and got a chance to play against a lot of friends and a few teammates from high school.” (And Jones didn’t just play against his friends and old teammates. He made quite the statement, running 22 times for 165 yards and three touchdowns.)

Keith Jones

Oct. 11, 1980 (No. 11 FSU 36, No. 4 Pittsburgh 22): “The prior week we had traveled to No. 3 Nebraska and defeated the Huskers at their place – probably the biggest win in FSU history at the time. Next up was No. 4 Pittsburgh and their heralded QB, Dan Marino. We kept that high-flying offense in check. And I intercepted Marino late in the first half – returning the pick over 50 yards – to set up a field goal. Then I kept the ball – still have it in my ego room at the house.”

Lamarcus Joyner

Sept. 22, 2012 (No. 4 FSU 49, No. 10 Clemson 37): “We won a lot of games there. It was always fun beating Clemson, so definitely probably Clemson in 2012. It was a shootout and that’s when they had Tajh Boyd, Sammy Watkins, DeAndre Hopkins. We had Xavier Rhodes, Greg Reid, myself, so you got some of the top prospects for the NFL playing in one game and we pulled it off in a shootout. It was awesome.”

Amp Lee

Oct. 21, 1989 (No. 9 FSU 22, No. 11 Auburn 14): “It was my first start, we won and I had a solid game.” (And by solid game, Lee had 25 carries for 110 yards.)

Bill Ragans

Dec. 1, 1990 (No. 8 FSU 45, No. 6 Florida 30): “It was the fourth year in a row that we beat them, senior night, and my last time getting to play in Doak Campbell Stadium. Also got to beat Steve Spurrier.”

Dave Roberts

Oct. 28, 1989 (No. 6 FSU 24, No. 2 Miami 10): “Started off 0-2 and beat Miami, who eventually won the national championship. And Dexter Carter put a flag on Bernard Clark’s head.”

Mark Salva

Nov. 20, 1993 (No. 2 FSU 62, NC State 3): Salva won a bunch of games as a player in the mid-1980s but picked one when he was a graduate assistant at FSU. “One that’s off the beaten path was the ’93 NC State game. We had just lost to Notre Dame the we week prior. That whole week felt like it did in ’91 when were we’re trying to go ‘wire to wire’ and the first Wide Right happened. As you know, the proverbial air was out of the National Championship balloon and, in ’91 we let that loss beat us twice and lost to Florida the next week. In ’93, it kind of felt the same. I was worried we wouldn’t have any juice for the Wolfpack since we just lost the “Game of the century.” Practice that week was as a struggle for both players and coaches. That Saturday,  I was in Gainesville scouting the Gators. They played at noon and we played at 7:30. I remember driving back to Tally listening on the radio, and right when i pulled into Doak, BC kicked the field goal to beat Notre Dame. I was jacked and remember running into the locker room as guys were getting ready to go out and begin pre-game and you could feel the energy,  the new lease on our championship life. Going out for warmups, during flex, I never forget Nick Menacof’s voice “Ladies and Gentleman, college football scores … Boston College 41, Notre Dame 39. The crowd was on fire from that moment on, and we played awesome.  Our guys went out there and crushed NC State, and might have played the best game of the year that game. Got us right to go to Hogtown and finish the job, and win our first championship.”

Sammie Smith

Nov. 26, 1988 No. 5 FSU 52, Florida 52-17): “My last game at Doak … This was revenge for the phantom holding call from 1986. It meant a lot to have over 100 yards every time I played UF.”

Clay Shiver

Nov. 26, 1988 (No. 5 FSU 52, Florida 52-17): “My brother Stan on the Lights Out poster standing over the Gators QB.”

Oct. 7, 1995: No. 1 FSU 41, Miami 17: “Beating Ray Lewis down all game.”

The Tallahassee Democrat after the 1988 FSU-Florida game.

Rick Stockstill

Oct. 11, 1980 (No. 11 FSU 36, No. 4 Pittsburgh 22): “We were coming off upsetting No. 3 Nebraska the week before. Pitt had a great defense. Everyone on that D was drafted in the NFL and a great team. We really dominated them. Nobody gave us much of a chance but we knew we had what it took in our preparation to beat them. We threw it and ran it very well, created turnovers on D and our kicking game was good.”

Kurt Unglaub

Nov. 20, 1976: (FSU 28, Va. Tech 21): “Jimmy Jordan and I hook up on a 96-yard pass play to win the game in the final minutes.” (The TD pass of 96 yards was the longest in FSU history at the time.)

Charlie Ward

Oct. 9, 1993 (No. 1 FSU 28, No. 3 Miami 10): “The crowd was very loud and into the game from the beginning and we scored on a long run by Sean Jackson, a long pass to Matt Frier and I scrabbled for a score to give us a 21-7 lead at halftime. We did a great job of protecting the lead in the second half by playing solid defense and not turning the ball over on offense along with making some key third-down plays to keep the drive alive. Warrick (Dunn) was great in that game and Devin Bush sealed the victory with a pick 6. It was a great win for us as MIami had kicked us out of the championship picture for so many years and to finally beat them to keep us undefeated at the time was an awesome feeling. It was really awesome that we were able to do it in ‘The Doak’ with all of our alumni and fans.”

Jesus Wilson

Oct. 18, 2014 (No. 2 FSU 31, No. 5 Notre Dame 27): “The biggest game at Doak probably was my junior year – Notre Dame against Everett Golson. The crowd. I think that was the most we ever had at Doak. I think it was like 90 (thousand).  It was crazy. It was loud.”

Osceola publisher Jerry Kutz and writer Patrick Burnham contributed to this report. Game photos courtesy of Garnet & Great Archives. What’s your favorite win at Doak? Tell us in the comment section below.

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    I enjoyed reading these quotes. Brought back a lot of memories. Conspicuous by their absence are our friends who played in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Come on guys, send us your favorite moments in those years.

    And what your favorite games and memories as a fan? Please share.

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