Fuller impressed with energy of defense in early stages of install

New FSU defensive coordinator Adam Fuller is just getting started with the installation of his 4-3 defense with the Seminoles having completed its first two practice of the spring. He knows there is a lot for his players to learn but he has been pleased with the energy he has seen.

“Good energy, good intentions,” Fuller said when asked about his defense in the early stages of spring practice. “A lot of people with a high care factor right now.”

The veteran coach knows the process will take time as the players are asked to take-in more of his system on a daily basis.

“Any time you go from day one to day two, you’ve got corrections and additions on top of the basic fundamentals of how you want to play,” said Fuller. “The effort, the energy, so it’s all just trying to work together right now.”

There is also the task of the coaches building relationships on the field and in the meeting rooms with a group of players that is also learning a new scheme.

“Our intentions have really good right now, collectively and individually,” continued Fuller. “It’s a daily process of just going through it and then after each practice you’ve got to coach somebody in a way that they like or maybe he doesn’t like, so there is that relationship building that is continuing to be built on top of the learning.”

Fuller says they are installing new concepts with each practice and the players are being asked to process a lot of information quickly.

“We go really fast from a standpoint of we teach them the fundamentals, teach them offensive identification and once we get that foundation then we really go quickly with the install,” said Fuller. “It’s all concept learning, so we’re going to install maybe three different concepts each day and we build on each one. We just keep progressing. We try not to slow down. We make the players keep up with the installs.”

The defensive staff is also building chemistry on the field and in the staff room as well this spring.

“I really like our defensive staff,” Fuller said. “It’s easier for us to know what the end picture is going to look like as a staff because we are with each other the majority of the day. With how we coach and challenge our players, even through the tour of duty, we saw what that was going to look like coach to player, coach to coach. I feel really confident about our defensive staff right now.”

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